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Siddhi Yoga is most powerful when it is formed on the full moon night. With this, there is always a likelihood of another auspicious yoga formation due to the presence of the Moon in Swati Nakshatra. The position of the planets will also be auspicious on this day.

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The Sun makes Budhaditya Yoga with Mercury in the high zodiac. Venus and Saturn will remain in their own zodiac. The work done on this day is completed by making a total sum of the Sun and Moon. This position of Nakshatra and planets will give special fruits of bathing, charity, and worship.

Mercury yoga in the high zodiac sign of Sun
Bathing and worshiping ancestors in the 6 holy rivers, including the Ganges, and the worship of ancestors will yield many times more virtuous fruit due to the Sun being in its high zodiac Aries. On this day one should get up and take a bath before sunrise. Bathing on rivers and ghats should be avoided due to the epidemic. Therefore, one should take bath by mixing Ganga water or other holy river water in the water at home. From the bath by way cornered the full moon is the month to reap the fruits of pilgrimage bath.

Donation to increase good luck and health
Among the 27 Nakshatras, Swati Nakshatra is the one giving merit in charity. Its representative is Vayu Dev and its lord is Rahu. Similarly, the sage of Siddhi Yoga is Ganesha, who is going to provide Siddhi in every kind of work. At this festival, there will be an increase in splendor due to the Moon in Libra, and on this day bathing, donating water, ghat, and white things will be auspicious. In this way, donating increases good fortune and also provides healing. Donations made on the full moon of the month of Vaishakh give a reward as much as the donations made throughout the month.

What to do on Vaishakh Purnima
On the full moon date, one should do mangalic work like Yajna, Vastu Puja, house-entry, marriage, starting of building a house or any building, buying jewelry, dev-sthapna. Along with this, due to Thursday, needy people should especially donate food, clothes, and water. On this day keep fast and worship Lord Vishnu. At this festival, donate food and whole day grass or fodder to the cow.

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