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Best astrologer in Lucknow Mars Scorpio

Best astrologer in Lucknow on effect of Mars in Scorpio Ascendant: Effect of Mars in different houses of horoscope of people born in Scorpio ascendant:-

If there is Mars in the ascendant (first house), then the person gets success in business, etc. with some difficulties. His physical strength increases, but sometimes he also has to get sick. Any disease caused by him proved to be fatal.

Initially, there’s some dissatisfaction on the part of the lady, but later everything becomes fine. Due to the presence of Mars in the second house, the person earns money through hard work and gets the happiness of the family with some difficulties.

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There is a decrease in physical happiness and health.

Success is achieved in the field of children, education, and intellect as per Best astrologer in Lucknow. 

If Mars is in the third house, then the person has some animosity with the family members. He maintains an effect on those who burn. Trusts more in effort than luck. Does not follow religion properly.

Professionally, he is very successful. Due to the effect of Mars situated on Aquarius in the fourth house, the person gets cooperation despite differences with the woman. Through hard work, he attains success, fame, happiness, and respect.

With Mars in the fifth house,

the person gets problems and difficulties with children, education, job or business, succulent wife, affection of mother and mother, and success. The fate of a person under the influence of Mars in the sixth house does not favor him much. This is the rationale why his profit, fame, and prestige decrease.

He has got to work very hard to form a living. Due to the placement of Mars in the seventh house, the person has problems from the side of the woman and there is some disorder in the genital organs. His personality develops and physical strength increases.

The presence of Mars in the eighth house also brings in the physical happiness and attractiveness of the person.

There is a disorder in his stomach. But whatever work he does, he gets good income. If there is Mars in the ninth house, then the person has animosity towards the mother. There is also a decrease in the happiness, house, and business, etc. 

The presence of Mars in the tenth house makes the person healthy, strong, and self-respecting. He gets complete happiness of wife and son. There is no dearth of livelihood. The native under the influence of Mars in the eleventh house suffers from physical diseases, achieves family happiness, is self-respecting and influential. 

Due to the presence of Mars in the twelfth house, the expenditure of the person is high. He gets peace and respect from outside places. His body remains weak.