Best Astrologer To Consult On Cosmic Interpretation

Best astrologer to consult on cosmic interpretation

One of the best astrologer to consult in the country writes about cosmic interpretation. In ancient times, our ancestors saw this celestial sphere and imagined different shapes by seeing the many star clusters depicted in it, which they called constellations.

These constellations came to be called by the same shapes or by the name of the main star located in them. These names of stars and constellations are the result of Indian Cosmology.

As the Earth rotates on its axis, the stars appear to rotate from east to west. The projection of the Sun in the sky, that is, the center of the Earth, the plane in which it revolves around the Sun, on the celestial sphere is called ‘revolution’. This celestial path (Krantivrat) is divided into 12 equal parts, which are called Rashis.

Cosmic interpretation part – 2

There are 360 degrees in a whole circle, so each sign is 30 degrees. As per the best astrologer to consult, this ecliptic passes through 27 constellations and thus there are two and a half constellations in a zodiac. These are all Indian calculations [ best astrologer to consult ]

As per the best astrologer to consult, right now in the southwest from the meridian of the sky is the constellation Orion, which is one of the most beautiful views of the sky. It is called ‘Hirna-Hirni’ in the countryside. It has a zone of three stars and to the north is a red star ‘Ardra’ and to the south a bright blue star.

The stars of the tropics and the west areas of the head of a deer and the three hanging stars are the peg and the rope to which the deer is tied.

Cosmic interpretation part – 3

This rope peg line intersects the southern horizon at the southernmost point. Before this, there are two shining stars in Gemini – ‘Punarvasu’ and ‘Kasturi’. Before him, there are ‘Pushya’ and ‘Ashlesha’ in the Cancer zodiac and before him ‘Magha’ star has risen in Leo.

To the west of Mrigashira Nakshatra are Rohini Nakshatra and the star of the same name. To its west are visible the Pleiades, a small long-triangular mass full of small stars, which are called ‘Kachbachiya’ in the countryside. [ best astrologer to consult ]

Leaving them and looking towards the north, then there is the pole star and in the far east arose the Saptarishi, who was earlier called Riksha (from this the Great Bear in English).

Cosmic interpretation part – 4

Their frame has come out and the last star of the handle of the three stars is going to rise. The star in the middle of the handle is Vasistha. Very near to him is the very soft Arundhati.

The top two stars of the frame point directly to the Pole Star. Below the Dhruv star, towards the horizon, there is a little bear in the shape of a saptarshi, whose last star in the handle is Dhruva.

Similarly, at five o’clock in the morning, two flaming stars ‘Swati’ and ‘Chitra’, some west from the top position, will be seen a little north and south respectively.

Four stars of the ‘Vishakha’ constellation will be found around the top and in the east-southern sky that scorpion’s form, Scorpio[ best astrologer to consult ].

Cosmic interpretation part – 5

The bright star ‘origin’ of this scorpion’s sting is downwards but the brightest star in the sky ‘Jyestha’ is showing its red image nearby. To its west, from where the claws of the scorpion’s mouth begin, is ‘Anuradha’.

What will be visible to the south of Mrigashira at night, is even more clear in summer, the Milky Way of the Milky Way. Countless stars are seen inside this celestial milk stream. Countless stars spread across the galaxies make up our nebula.

How is this theatre, like a speck of dust in the eternity of which life arose inside this earth, of which this story is told? [ best astrologer to consult ]

This nebula [‘the Milky Way’] is mostly sky or emptiness, in which the stars suddenly meet at a vast and almost infinite distance, like a small burning light particle. The speed of light which is about three lakh kilometers per second also takes four and a half years to reach the earth from the nearest star and millions of years from the distant stars.

It is said that our nebula is an ellipsoid like two plates covered with each other, the sides of which are seen in the form of the Milky Way.

That is why it was called ‘Brahma’ in Sanskrit. Today science says that man is knowing the secret of these stars in the same way as if some folklore particles of sand have fallen in his hands on the sea coast. From this, we can understand how big is the contribution of the Indian universe.

Astrology: The Science of Indology

There has been confusion in the minds of some people regarding astrology. We are living in the twenty-first century. This is considered to be the age of science.

So one can express doubts about the ancient scriptures. That much must be seen, should there be any apprehension, confusion, or doubt for the attainment of knowledge.

Ignorance should not grow in the minds of common people. That’s right – Vade Vaade Jaapate Tatva Bodhi. Be that argument that brings you closer to the truth.

Astrology has its own scripture.

The scriptures call him one who sets his principles according to the rules. The debate was held on the basis of these rules only. Intellectual discipline is the first step in any discipline. There are many disciplines in science too, physics, chemistry, etc.

Sanskrit also has a scripture of astrology like grammar, poetry, religion, etc. Astrology is an Indian science. Among the many Indo-Vidyas propounded by the sages of India, astrology is also a unique science. But if someone insists on weighing it on the basis of modern science, it is also possible.

If there is any scripture based on truth, it will come true. We will be able to dare to deny any ancient scripture even on what science will mean. Indian thought tradition has been independent for thousands of years.

Even after coming in contact with the world, the original thinking was not damaged, but in many modern western scientific facts, the scientific wisdom contained in the ancient Vedas, etc. has started appearing.

Cosmic interpretation part – 6

The oldest text, the Vedas, was not only a book to be acquired by smell, flowers, etc. It has also been accepted by western scholars in the past centuries. In the spiritual scriptures that render ‘Moksha’, astrology wishes for material happiness. But there is consciousness in the planets.

Veda means knowledge. Vedic knowledge appeared in the form of scriptures. The use of the word science in the Indian tradition has come in a spiritual sense.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is said ‘Gyanam Vigyan Sahitam’. There have also been scientific thinkers in Buddhist philosophy, who, instead of considering the external object as an object,

have considered ‘tadakara-caused’ growth as the only object (decreased, etc.). Adi Shankaracharya, who considered the world to be false, has proved this in another way.

The truth of science can be revealed in any form. To display that truth according to the rules was called scripture.

In India, the knowledge of Parabrahman was called Vigyan.

Our ‘science’ is broader than science. Both search for the truth. It is necessary to draw appreciable conclusions on the basis of separation in knowledge.

It is useful for human beings. The scientist presents the facts and truths inherent in nature in the form of his theory for the first time. That too will be considered an important achievement of modern man.

In astrology also, the expressions, natures, and effects of planets and constellations have been described through the scientific process.

They have a separation mode. As the Sun is separate from Saturn. In spirituality also, the separation of Prakriti, Purusha, Matter, and Chaitanya, Maya, and Brahman is shown. 

That is science. But unfortunately, some people have a mind to reject the ancient thinking tradition, it is unscientific thinking. The subject of science is the physical world and Indian science has both physical and spiritual truth.

The ancient truth is to be revealed (discovery) but science is expressed in ancient language style. This continuous process went on.

If we consider astrology, then the mathematics of solar eclipse is accurate.

It is depicted in the Panchang. The foundation of astrology is mathematics and modern science also has mathematics.

Mathematics is the gift of the Vedas. The discovery of science has now started happening in the Vedas also in modern times. 

Take the solar eclipse itself. Modern science has proved that the Sun or Moon is not swallowed by Rahu-Ketu, in fact, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth in space.

This scientific fact was known to the sage of Rigveda. For the first time, European Indology scholar Ludwig Mahasaya had told that a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth.

This scientific truth was known to the sage of Rigveda [ best astrologer to consult ]:-

To understand both, there are six Vedangas – education, etc. Astrology is one of them. The five elements are earth, water, light, air, and sky.

In the Aitareya Upanishad, Tej has been called an astrologer, that is, because the planets and constellations are bright, they are called astrologers.

Astrology reveals the mystery of the Vedas by studying these planets and constellations. The influence of Vedic divinity has happened on the planets.

The two planets Harshal and Neptune are the gifts of the West. But according to some learned astrologers these two planets are also specified by Maharishi Vyas, the Mahabharata writer.

The science of constellations was more prevalent in the Vedas and Mahabharata. On which constellation, what happened, it was mentioned in the time period. The position of twelve planets is shown in the birth chart of a child born. In it, along with others, the constellations like Ashwini, etc. are also mentioned. 

Cosmic interpretation part – 7

Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak has fixed the period of the Vedas by applying mathematics on the basis of the constellations mentioned in the Vedas.

Some science also determines the period of Lord Shri Ram and Shri Krishna on the basis of the mention of constellations in the Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc. 

Astrology shows the effect of constellations. There are auspicious results of planets and constellations. The planets and constellations of space have an effect on humans, scientists will prove it in the future.

Astrology is one of the six parts of the Vedas

The specialty is that the planets and constellations that exist in space are far away from Earth. 

Nevertheless, the principle of Indian astrology is that those planets and constellations give auspicious and inauspicious results on human beings born on the earth. The practice of making predictions according to the planets is popular.

There can be errors in predictions, but at some places, the predictions prove to be infallible. Failures happen even in the science laboratory. In astrology predictions, failures due to personal predictions are not resolved. A successful conclusion is born in the womb of failure.

The pundits whose future has turned out to be correct, what was their process and vision in seeing that horoscope, it should be discussed openly, it does not happen. Even for ancient science, it seems necessary to adopt modern scientific processes.

Cosmic interpretation part – 8

Astrology may now be a business but it is also a profession, we should not forget it. The sage-prudence regarding the origin of the universe in the Nasadiya hymn in the Rigveda can also influence scholars of modern astrophysics. There has been an influence of Veda Pragya on astrology. Proofs are in Sun and Moon.

There is a lack of astrology in the details. In this connection, I would like to draw attention to the sage wisdom expressed in the Nasadiya Sukta of Rigveda. The sage said – Before the creation of the universe, there were no both true and unreal, neither were their sun, moon, and stars, etc. There was no sky or space. 

So what was it? In clear words that sage said – Tamah asati. There was darkness. And he (Brahm) was the ‘only’ in this darkness. This ‘one’ had its own power ‘swadha’. This feature has not received much attention. It is this power that holds itself, which is not separate from the One (Brahman).

The result of Swadha is the creation of the world / Maya, Prakriti, the atom has been created, in fact, it was the only Chaitanya. This Advaita is the pre-Vedic form of the doctrine of Adi Shankara.

As a result of this, Newton’s theory of gravitation, Einstein’s relativity and quantum theory, and currently the great scientist Stephen Hawking’s string theory can be studied. For these principles, we look to Swadha as the root.

We should consider Swadha to be the original source for principles, similarly, this Vedic Swadha is also the source of planetary vision to influence human beings. Astronomers and astrologers should consider this regard.

Cosmic interpretation part – 9

It is a humble request that Krishna Vivar gives a vision of the Vedokta darkness on the other side of the same great space. [ best astrologer to consult ]

Modern science has made great progress. On the basis of mathematics, each and every mysterious layer of the origin of the universe is being revealed. The basis of astrology is physical planets and spiritual science. Even great scientists do spiritual contemplation at the last moment. 

Therefore, it is believed that later on the knowledge of modern science and Vedic spirituality will come together in one place. That would be the absolute truth.

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