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Get insights on all your marriage concerns from the best marriage astrologer in India.

Marriage is considered to be the beginning of the life journey of man and woman,

the act of complementing each other’s power by mixing the left side of a man and

the right side of a woman is called marriage, giving

Lord Shiva and Parvati the name of Ardhanarishvara is the proof of this.

In astrology, among the four Purusharthas, the Purushartha named the Kama is completed only after marriage, just as there is a belief of parents and ancestors in religion, the process of earning money for living is considered to be within the meaning, in the same way.

After the union of man and woman in the Kama, the importance of marriage is considered to run the further lineage system, after marriage, the nurturing of children and children grow automatically within every living being of the world.

Why is marriage done? Know from the best marriage astrologer in India

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A child can be produced in the world without marriage, but the worldly dignity should not be violated,

the child to come should be aware that he is part of the lineage system of such a society,

act according to the nature of his father and The ability to run the social system should be

self-detected in her, mothers can live with their sons and daughters with respect,

the society that follows can be involved in any kind of happiness and misery,

society can cooperate in any kind of accidental misery

A person born to advance his society and family can be worried,

to nurture his son or daughter and give him the highest position, the courage to walk in the parents, etc. Marriage is done for reasons. If a child is born without marriage,

then considering himself to be completely alone, he will look at others with contempt,

he will not get a distinction between mother and sister and other women,

due to these reasons immorality will prevail in the society, and man

And it will be difficult to distinguish within the animal.

What is marriage muhurta? Know from the best marriage astrologer in India.

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All the planets show their presence in the living state, such as the universe, and

according to the statement of Pinde, every person is full of all the planets,

Sun as a father in the world, Moon brother as a mother, and Mars sister as a husband. And

Mercury in the form of a daughter, Jupiter as the provider of religion and fortune and

the teacher who gives education, Venus as a wife and material prosperity,

Saturn as in-laws and distant relatives of the people who do land, property, and work. Ketu is considered to be alive in the form of Rahu, son, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, etc.

According to all these planets, marriage muhurtas have been made for the person, marriage in the time

Astrology for marriage prediction | Latta Dosh

of the power of the same type of planet as nature is inside the person.

It is done, when the marriage is matched for the mutual relations of man and woman,

and the time is fixed

according to the zodiac owners of both the planets, then only marriage is done,

and in the time of the constellation of the same planet, Lagna and Marriage is done after taking out time,

in this way, on getting the blessings of the powers of those planets.

Life is done smoothly by getting married if marriage is done without mixing Muhurta and nature,

then after physical satisfaction in some time, the marriage becomes complete with reasons of separation,

suicide and many kinds of defects, And in a family, the man lives comfortably,

but the condition of the woman becomes unthinkable, corruption prevails in the society,

both men and women fall down from character for maximum job satisfaction,

Tamsi food and wine kebabs travel the world after ruining themselves with ghost food.

Why doesn’t marriage happen?

Human life is like a tree, the land on which the tree is planted is nurtured,

the tree flourishes accordingly, a person is born with the power of the stars, the stars run that life,

their rays As life is attained, life goes on good or bad,

the seventh house of the horoscope is necessary for all, Sur Nar Muni, everyone is influenced by this house,

it has also been said that “Chinta Sampini Kehi Nahi Nahi” ate, kehi jag jahi na pervading maya”,

to live this life in the form of Maya, everyone has the greed,

everyone wants to live under some kind of strange intoxication,

the intoxication of the life partner is the deepest when he climbs

So one does not even worry about the crown and throne,

but it is not necessary that everyone’s married life should be happy, to keep the married life happy and to get the best planetary rays, gems are used.

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As per the best marriage astrologer in India, Nadi is the main factor in marital happiness

It is said that if the body is healthy then the mind is healthy, if there is a problem in the body, then the problem automatically arises in the mind.

The main purpose of married life is to carry forward their progeny i.e. generation, husband

the formation of progeny starts due to the mutual combination of raja and semen.

But animals and birds are involved in sexual intercourse during their seasons, the human mind is of a different type,

the process of defeating each other is seen in it only at the time of cohabitation, often how kind a man is or

A kind woman is hash, according to the excitement that arises in both of them

during the time of cohabitation, men and women

become aggressive towards each other, cutting, licking, shaking, pressing, tossing, etc., are all within arousal. In these activities, every part of the body becomes functional and the energy which is spent at this time,

if it is spent in the same type of activity, then both men and women become disturbed for some time.

As per the best marriage astrologer in India, often except for some time of marriage,

if there is no difference in the pulse, that is, there is a combination of both men and women inside

the same Nadi or both are born in the same Nadi or both Nadi are the same according to the Moon.

If in a situation, then gradually mutual attachment ends, one wants and the other does not want,

or both do not want to manifest sexual arousal, in this way to cool the body heat,

the man will turn to the other woman and the woman starts getting attracted towards the other man, in this way,

the marriage life ends as soon as the monotony increases in the family and married life, or

due to extreme tribulation, the end of one of the two is fixed, if this is not possible then

Women and men are not able to remain happy with marital happiness for life. Nadi is considered to be of different types from different constellations.


Four-stage Nakshatra (Ashwini Bharani Rohini Ardra Pushya Ashlesha Magha Purva Phalguni Hasta Swati Anuradha Jyestha Mool Purvashadha Shravan Shatabhisha Uttar Bhadrapada Revati)

For the born girl, from Ashwini to Revati, three-phased constellations are counted from Ashwini to Revati.

For a girl born in Kritika Punarvasu, Uttaraphalguni, Visakha, Uttarabhadrapada, and Poorvabhadrapada,

the Nadi is detected by counting the sequence from Kritika to Bharani and the reverse

i.e. in reverse, on four parvas, apart from this,

a girl born in a two-stage constellation (Mrigashira Chitra Dhanishtha) In order to know the pulse of

the five Parva from Mrigashira to Rohini, if the bride and the groom are on the same Nakshatra festival,

if the bride and groom are on the same Nakshatra festival, then they will be considered as auspicious, and

if they are on different Parva, they will be considered auspicious. Just as the nature of one constellation is of fire and that of the other is of water, then the desire will increase and if the nature of both is fire or water,

then there will be no desire.

In the same way, a constellation full of the earth elements and a constellation full of water will be

considered good for producing a child, if both meet with earth or water,

then there will be a hindrance in the progeny and married life will also be a dragging thing.

Trinadi1 Ashwini Ardra Punarvasu Uttaraphalguni Hasta Jyeshtha Mool Shatabhisha

Purvabhadrapada2 Bharani Mrigashira Pushya Purvaphalguni Chitra Anuradha Purvashadha Dhanishtha

Uttarbhadrapada3 Kritika Rohini Ashlesha Magha Swati Bishakha Uttarashad Shravan Revathi


Chaturnadi1 Kritika Magha Purvaphalguni Jyeshtha Mool Uttarabhadrapada

Revathi2 Rohini Ashelsha Uttaraphalguni Anuradha Purvashadha Purvabhadrapada

Ashwini3 Mrigashira Pushya Hasta Bishakha Uttarashada Shatabhisha

Bharani4 Ardra Punarvasu Chitra Swati Shravan Dhanishtha

XPanchnadi1 Mrigashira Chitra Swati Shatabhisha Purvabhadrapada

X2 Ardra Hasta Visakha Dhanishtha Uttarbhadrapada

X3 Punarvasu Uttarafalguni Anuradha Shravan Revathi

X4 Pushya Purva Phalguni Jyestha Uttarashada Ashwini

Rohini5 Ashlesha Magha Mool Purvashadha Bharani Kritika


Marriage Yoga by best marriage astrologer in India.

Whether the lord of the seventh house is bad or right, he is watching his house by sitting in his house or sitting in any other place. There is no vision of any other malefic planet in the seventh house.

No malefic planet is sitting in the seventh house. If there is an even amount in the seventh house. Seventh lord and Venus are in even signs. The seventh lord is strong. There is no planet in the seventh. The vision of any malefic planet is not on the seventh house and seventh lord.

The lord of the second seventh and twelfth house is in the center or triangle and is aspected by the guru.

There is no malefic planet in the next house of the seventh house or in the seventh house.

Marriage will not happen if the seventh lord is not an inauspicious place.

The seventh lord is sitting in the sixth or twelfth position.

Seventh lord is in a debilitated sign.

The seventh lord is in the twelfth house, and

the Lagnasha or Rashipati is sitting in the seventh house.

Moon-Venus should be with him, Mars and Saturn should be sitting in the seventh from him.

Both Venus and Mars are in the seventh house. Both Venus and Mars are in the fifth or ninth house.

Venus should be with a malefic planet and be in the fifth or ninth house.

Know from the best marriage astrologer in India that Venus Mercury Saturn all three are debilitated

If there is Moon in the fifth house, there are two or more malefic planets in the seventh or twelfth house.

The Sun should be clear and the seventh clear equal. delay in marriage when both Mercury and

Venus are in the seventh, marriage promises continue, marriage takes place in half the age.

If the fourth or ascendant house is associated with Mars (childhood),

if Saturn is in the seventh, then the girl is not interested in marriage. In the seventh house, Shani and Guru get the marriage done late. In the seventh house from the Moon, the Guru gets married late,

the same thing is also believed with the Moon’s zodiac sign Cancer.

If the lord of the triad is in the seventh house, if there is no auspicious planet, then there is a delay in male marriage.

If Sun-Mars sees Mercury Lagna or Rashipati, and Jupiter is sitting in the twelfth house,

marriage is delayed due to high spirituality.

In the seventh house and in the twelfth house, if there are no Jupiter or auspicious planets in the yog factor,

weak moon in the family house, then marriage does not take place, even if it happens, there is no child.

Seventh lord or seventh lord is afflicted by Saturn in a woman’s horoscope, then the marriage is delayed.

If marriage in the Dasha of Rahu, or if Rahu is afflicting the seventh, then the marriage breaks up,

all this happens due to mental confusion. wedding bellsMarriage takes place in

the Mahadasha or Antardasha of the seventh or seventh planet.

If in the horoscope of a girl, marriage takes place with Venus in the seventh position and in the horoscope of a man,

seventh position, or in the antardasha with Jupiter. In the Mahadasha of the seventh lord, marriage takes place in

the antardasha of Venus or Moon for a man and in the antardasha of Jupiter or Mars for a woman. Marriage takes place on the arrival of Jupiter in the triangle of the lord of

the zodiac in which the seventh lord is.

Marriage takes place when Jupiter is transiting in the seventh or ascendant or moon sign or seventh moon sign. When the transit of Jupiter comes in conjunction with the apparent zodiac sign of the

seventh house and lagnesh, then marriage takes place.

When the seventh lord comes in the sign of Venus from the transit and makes a relationship with the Guru,

then marriage or physical relationship is formed. The triangulation of the seventh house and the guru

leads to the marriage of the transit, or the love affair begins.

Moon is the karaka of the mind, and when it becomes strong and belongs to the seventh house or seventh house,

then it gets married till the twenty-fourth year.

Astrology and zodiac signs by best marriage astrologer in India :

Just as geography is easily taught by dividing the land into many parts, in the same way,

astronomy is also divided into 360 imaginary parts. Rashi is actually the name of a special shape and appearance of the constellation of the celestial planets.

There is neither a scorpion nor a lion in the sky, for the convenience of identification, keeping in mind the

similarity of the shape of the star clusters,

the Maharishis have named the zodiacs on the basis of familiar objects.

In order to identify this constellation properly, the distance of the entire sky was divided into

27 parts and each part was named one constellation. In order to understand it in detail, each Nakshatra was divided into four parts, which are called Charan.

Moon transits in each sign for two more days.

After that, he reaches a different amount. According to Indian opinion, this amount is given priority. [ best marriage astrologer in India ]

What is the sun sign called? At present, most of the books related to horoscopes are published on the basis of western astrology, giving primacy to the sun, the zodiac,

just as Indian astrologers consider the moon zodiac to be the birth sign of the person and

give importance to it, similarly western astrologers.

Gives more importance to the Sun sign. way to see a birth sign or name Rashi

The second big problem with astrology lovers is whether they should see the birth sign or the name sign?

By the way, complete details and information about the life of a particular person are

possible only through his birth chart, but only after finding out about the birth moon,

a lot can be told about the character, qualities, and activities of a person. Many people live in this cycle that which

zodiac sign should be considered as a birth sign or current name zodiac. For this, Astrology instructs that the birth sign is predominant in the basic rituals like Vidyarambh, marriage, Yagyopaveet, etc.

Do not consider the name Rashi,

but on the arrival and departure of the house, on the departure and journey

of the village, on the opening and closing of the Lata-farm-firm, factory, etc. and in the Yagya,

party and business activities and daily work, the name zodiac is dominant.

Aries: The shape of Aries is like a ram.

Taurus: Taurus sign has the shape of a bull.

Gemini: Gemini is a pair of men and women.

Cancer: Cancer is like a crab.

Leo: Leo’s zodiac deer has a shape similar to that of a lion.

Virgo: The woman sitting in the boat is holding paddy and fire in her hands.

Libra: Scales are like a man holding in his hand.

Scorpio: Scorpio forms the shape of a stinging scorpion in the sky.

Sagittarius: With the bow in hand, the waist is like a man, and

the thigh below the waist is like a horse.

Capricorn: Like a crocodile with a face resembling a deer.

Aquarius: Like a man with an urn on his shoulder.

Pisces: With two fishes and a second tail on the face, it remains round.


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