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Wedding stage and home Decoration ideas

The wedding season is on and will continue. Weddings in India take place with as much pomp as nowhere else in the world. That's why weddings here are called Big Fat Weddings. There are special things in a wedding from rituals to beautiful clothes, food, sweets and gifts, but the most special of all is the wedding stage decoration. The eyes of the guests coming to the wedding are in only two places, one is on the bride and groom sitting on the stage and the other is on the decoration of the wedding. How lavish a wedding is, it is visible only from its decoration, so in India lakhs of rupees are spent only on the decoration of weddings. You must have seen that from the beautiful wedding mandap to the entrance of the procession, everything is made beautiful by seeing different themes. This decoration makes the wedding even more special.

Here we told you about 30 indoor and outdoor wedding decoration ideas, which will help you a lot in wedding decoration too.

Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

First of all, let us tell you about the outdoor wedding decoration, after seeing which you will also be able to give your special input in the wedding decoration. See outdoor wedding decor in these 15 pictures:-

(1.) Look at the wedding outdoor decoration. You must have seen this type of decoration many times, maybe even in the wedding of your special someone. The decor is simple but very beautiful. If you want to do it yourself, you can do it very easily. For this only you will need a lot of flowers, especially a garland of marigold flowers. You have to hang a long garland of marigold flowers in the sides and at the entrance and make some such design flower rangoli on the way. Your wedding decoration filled with flowers is just ready. You can use different flowers to give your special touch to it.

(2.) You must have seen some such pendant on the door of the house in every wedding, but you can make it more beautiful with this type of flower decoration. For this, all you have to do is make bunches of long flowers and hang them on the door with the help of any wood or pillar, it looks very beautiful to see, you can also use rose flowers in this. If real flowers are not available, then you can also use fake flowers for home decoration. It will look very beautiful.

(3.) If you have a garden or any big tree in your house, then you can easily do the decoration of the house (ghar ki sajawat) with this type of decoration. . You have to hang a garland of marigold flowers on the branch of the tree. The garland has to be hung not one but many. If the wedding is at night then you can also do lighting on it. …and yes, do not forget to put colorful umbrellas in it.

(4.) This type of decoration is going to give you a very royal feel. If you do not like hanging lilies or roses everywhere, then you can try something like this. This type of decoration is done especially in outdoor weddings. But you can decorate your home like this. For this, arrange two pillars or a frame and decorate them with leaves like this.

(5.) You can do this decoration yourself outside the main door of your house. For this you will only need two things, first the net curtain and second a long heavy flower thread. If you do not get a flower-leaf thread, then you can also plant a rose or marigold flower thread. This will give a very photogenic look to the door and the guests visiting the house will take this selfie.

(6.) You must have seen this type of decoration a lot on Diwali, but you can also use it as a wedding decoration. For this, you will need a very long garland of marigold flowers, which you can hang on a pole or doors on the main entrance in this way. To make this decoration a little more beautiful, you can also make such a rangoli of marigold flower garland.

(7.) Have you ever seen a Rajasthani wedding… Rajasthani Royal Wedding! This decoration is similar. If you also want to do similar decoration in the wedding, then decorate only some umbrellas in this way with the help of tassels or pendants. You can keep these umbrellas near the sitting area or you can also keep them above the table.

(8.) There are easy ways to decorate a wedding home. For this you will not need any flowers, garlands or artificial flowers. For this, you just have to hang the lighting from your ceiling like this and just turn on the lighting at night. However, this type of decoration does not look good in the day.

(9.) If you want to give more fine touch to this lighting decoration, then hang the light on trees, garden area, door and ceiling according to the map of your house in this way. If you want, you can apply it only on the walls and doors, but it will also look more beautiful at night.

(10.) Till now you have seen the idea of hanging flower garlands on trees, but now you can also bring some such creativity in wedding decoration. You can make some such designs from multicolor paper and hang it on the tree, it will look very beautiful.

(11). Not for marriage, but in any other function to be held before that, such an idea can definitely come in handy. All you have to do is to place candles in lots of glass vials and hang them on the tree with the help of such holders. This decoration will look great during the day as well as at night.

(12). Cage hanging idea you have seen many times before But this time if you make it a part of the wedding decoration, then include it only after decorating it with flowers and it will look good.

(13.) If you want to give Punjabi feel in the wedding, then you can try some such idea. For this all you need is a cot and some parandas, where people are sitting, you keep this cot outside. Or keep it on one corner only for photos, so that the people who come to the wedding can get the selfie corner.

(14.) This type of star lighting also looks great in a wedding. If you do not have to do much, then put such lights on your balcony or doors, it will look great at night.

(15.) No flowers or any Rangoli outside the house, just put colorful curtains in this way. This will change the look of the door of the house. If the curtains are pink or red color, then they will give a more wedding look.

Indoor Wedding Decor Ideas

(1.) Before marriage, there is definitely a dance program in the wedding house, where everyone from your uncle, aunt to brother-in-law gives their dance performance. To make the event a little more beautiful, decorate the dance area with lighting and curtains like this.

(2.) Ladies Sangeet or Mehndi function, for any function of the day, you can decorate such colorful cushions and curtains in the room so that it looks like a wedding house even inside the house.

(3.) In every Indian wedding, there is definitely a ladies function, where the dholak is played and the ladies of the whole house dance with great fun. Make this dance program of theirs a little special with this kind of decoration.

(4.) Give such a colorful touch to the sofa inside the house on the night of music. Pink and sea green color combination will look great not only on clothes but also in your wedding decorations.

(5.) Now where the wedding will take place, there will be mehndi in the hands, so make the function of this mehndi a little more special and decorate your room with sarees like this.

(6.) Decorate flowers not only outside the house but also inside, because the wedding lasts for a long time, not a day or two, so the easy way to decorate the house is to bring such a garland of fake flowers and hang it inside the house. Give. It will come in handy not only on the wedding day but also later.

(7.) Even small details done in the decoration of the wedding can change the look to a great extent. Like a pot placed on the table, you can add a different touch to the decor by placing fresher petals or candles in it.

(8.) You must have seen many such shadow lamps during Diwali. Now include this type of candle in the wedding decoration too, especially on the occasion of night, keep such a shadow lamp or lamp in one of the corners, because there is no darkness in the wedding house anyway. This lamp will look beautiful as well as giving light, it is an easy way to decorate the house.

(9.) The idols of God will be in everyone's house. Decorate them with fresh flowers like this during the special occasion of marriage. Or you can illuminate the idols with lights. Apart from this, you can decorate the idols of God with artificial flowers only.

(10.) At the time of Diwali, you must have bought a pylon to put on the door of the house. Now include these torans in large quantities in the decoration of the wedding and hang them wherever you like or wherever you like.

(11.) This type of lamp is being decorated in the house for years. Now on the occasion of wedding decoration, do not forget them because they will add to the decoration of the wedding.

(12.) This type of water-filled habitat is quite common. Make it a part of the wedding decorations and decorate it with candles and rose petals like this, it is an easy way to decorate the house.

(13.) Don't limit wedding decorations to just long flower garlands and pendants. Nowadays, there are more than one beautiful colorful painting or pattern to be pasted on the walls in the market, which you will find online at very cheap prices. Put them on the wall too and get a new look.

(14.) These type of paper lamps look gorgeous in weddings. Just choose the color according to your theme and apply it. By the way, the combination of pink and green color looks very special in weddings. So you can also put lamps in these colors.

(15.) Instead of hanging the curtains on the walls, you can also decorate the stairs in this way. They give a very beautiful look in the wedding house. For this you take colorful curtains. If you want to make the look better, then artificial garland can also be wrapped.

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