Pre-Wedding Grooming List for the To-Be Bride

Once the wedding date is decided, there is a lot to think about!! That special day, wedding venue, guests, reception, food and more. But all these things can be taken care of by family members and friends. There is one matter that no one can help and only the bride has to take care of – her beauty, style, and personality at the time of marriage. Professionals, relatives and friends can express their views, but the final decision rests with the bride.

Whatever decisions the bride takes regarding her beauty, makeup, clothes, cosmetics etc., all these enhance her personality on the wedding day. Thus, before marriage, the list of things to be done for brides is long. To-be brides must devote enough time to these aesthetic requirements so that all are fulfilled before the wedding and they look fabulous on the wedding day.

It is very common and often seen for brides grooming to try everything. Here, every bride should think calmly and make sure that her to-do list is completed one after the other. To help with this task, we have listed down common chores for brides that must be done before the wedding. If all of these are done one by one, the bride can rest assured that she will look her prettiest on the wedding day.

Know your skin type

Basically start over. Don't guess. Know what your skin type is - dry, oily, sensitive or mixed type? Based on this, you can plan your makeup, buy cosmetics and decide on your makeup maker and more. During the wedding, you may have to try new things by leaving your favorite brands. So, unless you know what your skin type is, there's no way to decide the rest.

Visit a Dermatologist Since all possible ingredients are available on the Internet, you can do your bridal preparations from there. While it is possible to shop and contact wedding related people through the internet – the entire program of bridal grooming cannot be done with the help of internet alone. So it is advisable to visit a dermatologist and mention the time available with you. Medically treating skin problems is the healthiest way to get rid of them. Dermatologist can also assist you in aesthetic matters and other relevant matters.

Choose a Makeup Doer and Hairstylist

As your wedding date approaches, relatives and neighbors will suggest that they take a look at your makeup or hair. But don't trust anyone except a professional. Be careful when selecting beauty professionals based on their past work and patterns. Whether you want the same person to do your hair and face work or have two different people, it's also a big deal to think about before marriage.

Chant the CTM Mantra

The special beauty care remedy that any would-be bride should not forget is "CTM", which means, Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Once the date is fixed, this work should be done at least twice a day till the wedding day. For CTM, choose good products that ensure a difference in your skin and show clear results. CTM becomes even better when cleanings or facials are arranged in the salon on a weekly basis.

Create your own collection of natural beauty products

As the wedding nears, brides-to-be become the usual face in cosmetics stores, making a ton of purchases every now and then. Why not head to the cosmetics shops and try to find a solution with natural ingredients available in the kitchen or garden? Simple blends and methods can create amazing beauty products that do wonders for the skin. So, before buying colored boxes and bottles – simply, prepare your collection of natural beauty products and apply them regularly.

Pay extra attention to hands and feet

In an effort to get glowing skin, the hands and feet are often overlooked. Groom your hands and feet alike by having regular manicures and pedicures at the salon. There are many matrimonial traditions in India, where the focus is on the feet and hands of the bride. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and beautiful before marriage. To do this, natural ingredients at home can also be used.

Consider bikini waxing too

The desire for bikini waxing is very common for all the brides, but most of them do it wrong in this matter. She does bikini waxing just before the wedding, which proves painful at the last moment. How about getting bikini waxing in the pre-wedding days? This will allow your sensitive areas to be the first to know about the process of bikini waxing and will eliminate the dreaded last-minute mistake. For bikini waxing, go to trusted big parlors.

Choose Your Beauty Collection

Now, when it comes to the most special occasion of your life, why not gift your body with the best of cosmetics, makeup, perfumes and more? Choose the most elite brands and make sure you place your orders well in advance so that they arrive on time. Make a list of the best cosmetics by doing a little research and understanding your needs. You can also take help of your friends or stylist. However, if you choose a brand new one, make sure that it suits your needs and there is no mistake on the last special day.

love your hair too

Along with skin care, you should also pay enough attention to your hair. With fine hair, the beauty of the face is perfect. To take care of your hair, you can start with oiling, massaging, and shampooing and then head to the salon for a good hair spa. These pre-wedding beauty treatments will cheer you up and add to your glow.

Discuss with your groom

Finally, you will now have someone who will patiently listen to whatever you say. Why not discuss your beauty routine with your future husband? It's true that men don't like to talk about grooming, but you can talk light-heartedly, and take their advice. This will let you both know each other's preferences and make beauty purchases easier.