Buddhist Marriage Ceremony

First of all, a place of worship is to be prepared at the place of marriage (home, public park / rest / school, Buddha Vihar, hotel etc.). This place should be clean and high above the earth.

To prepare this, you should decorate a beautiful worship altar, in which an idol or picture of Lord Buddha is placed on the high altar (stool or table), a little below it is your family ancestors (eg grandfather-great-grandfather etc.), your revered bodhisattvas. Install pictures. Place nephew's seat next to it and place a pillow/cushion on it as per your convenience.

Place a pot of clay or metal in front of it, which contains water. Light a lamp in a bowl placed on the Kalash. Dip one end of the white thread in the Kalash or pot, take out a part of it and wrap it in the hand of Lord Buddha, give the same end to the bride's side, hand to the relatives of the bride's side and give the other end to the bride and groom. Wrap it in the vase itself.

In order to carry out the rituals, if there is a mike on the stage in front of the Acharya who performed the marriage and a cordless mike or two stand mics in front of the bride and groom, then people standing in front of the stage and sitting will also be facilitated.