Christian Matrimony

Christian Marriage: Know the Rituals of Christian Marriage

Marriage is a very important aspect of life whether it is Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, or Christian. Today we are going to tell how Christians get married.

Church membership certificate:-

Character certificate
Application for marriage must be made three months before the date of marriage.
After this, the priest gives permission for the marriage.

Christian marriage is a religious institution

Before going into this in detail, it is important to know that Indian Christians are very different from Christians of Western societies. Due to contact with Hindu society, Christians of India have also included many distinctive elements of Hindu society, such as the caste system, marriage within the caste, etc.

Christian marriage in the eyes of the Church According to the changed concept of the Church in the modern perspective, marriage has a special place in human life. Marriage serves the purpose of God.

Christian marriage is a religious institution. Its purpose is the full development of personality, procreation of children, and union and union of two persons. According to the United Churches of Northern India 1954, marriage is a sacred institution created by God. It is so interesting in the natural system that, a woman and a man become attached to each other for a lifetime. This matrimonial relationship symbolizes the mystical union of God and His Church.

Purpose of Christian marriage

Formation of the family: The purpose of marriage is to form a family and bring up children.

Stability of Relationship: Marriage is a lifetime agreement. Therefore the purpose of Christian marriage is to provide stability to social relations.

Cooperation: Another important purpose of Christian marriage is to develop the qualities of love, cooperation, respect, sacrifice, etc.

Christians consider monogamy as the norm and that is why the practice of polygamy is condemned. Nevertheless, some precautions are definitely taken while choosing a life partner.

How to get married in church

Let us know how are the customs in a Christian marriage-

Like the Hindu religion, they also get engaged which takes place in the girl’s house, where the priest reads some lessons from the Bible and asks both of them to exchange rings. In which there are people from both sides and some guests. And the date of marriage is also fixed there.

Wedding call
The marriage is announced in the church before the wedding. Marriage can be solemnized only after 3 calls of marriage.

Bride reception in the church
This is their unique rule, in which the boy wears a suit and waits for the girl in the church beforehand and then the girl wears a cute gown and comes with her father with a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

When both the boy and the girl arrive, the priest reads some sermons from the Bible, which Christians call Homily. After being homily, it is the responsibility of the priest to ask some questions to the boy and the girl and ask the wishes of both for their marriage and it is necessary for both of them to answer this question.

Ring exchange
If both the boy and the girl agree to the marriage, then both have to exchange the ring with each other and after that both take blessings from the priest and also from their elders.

This is the last ritual, in which the boy and girl have to sign all the documents of marriage in the presence of witnesses. It is given to them by going to the registrar.

In this, after the marriage is completed, the boy and the girl happily toss their bouquet backward. Behind this, it is believed that the bachelor boy or girl who catches that bouquet will get married soon.

After getting married, there is a ritual of feeding people a feast, in which relatives and friends from both sides come and participate in happiness.