Do not put junk in the house to avoid negativity this Diwali

Look in your wardrobe. How many dresses are there without wearing if not worn for months, it will not be worn any further? Even if such clothes are new, do not hesitate to give to the needy or donate to any organization. Do not unnecessarily increase the weight of the shoe rack. Read to know more about what not to store in the house from the best Vastu experts in Delhi

See how much the designers are really useful in sandals and how much they are just beautifying the rack. Do not hesitate to remove empty bottles in the bathroom from empty soap-cases to shampoos, dio, spay, perfumes. All these items are slowly creating negative Vastu energy that is not required.

Those who write a pile of papers have a big headache. Get rid of books and magazines other than collectible books. No use of a pile of wasted paper or news cutting. Now on the internet, you can easily find reference material on every subject.

Emotions are very obstructive to clutter-free. This sari was given by my mother at the wedding anniversary, save antiques for things like this antique chair was my Dadu’s. If you have gone for a trip then enjoy the natural place and do not go shopping there. Special artwork or clothes attract everyone, but before buying, think about how much will be useful.

People may not agree but sometimes sentimental things can cause Vastu defects at home and if not taken care of soon can cause Vastu Dosh. Still, if you want to keep them you can keep them clean,dust-free, and definitely get them repaired if they are broken or damaged.

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