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Do some planning for the flat or house this Diwali

The year 2020 has not been great for many because of disease, economic conditions, pandemic, etc. But a new year

is around the corner and it will bring new opportunities and freshness to the outlook of life. Diwali is a few days from now and this brings an opportunity to try to take some good and positive Vastu steps as it is not necessary to take the help of an interior designer or a Vastu consultant to decorate the house as a reminder of new things to come in life. We are the best Vastu experts in Delhi, read tips suggested by us.

If you do a little planning and imagination for the flat or house, then know for sure that no one will live without praising you and not to forget that festive events are a good symbolism of Vastu and for future prosperity. For this, these things can be considered.

1. Make a survey of the market to take stock of the house size, choice, and budget recording iron, can, wood, etc.

2. Cane and rubberwood furniture are perfect for flats, as they are lightweight and easy to maintain but you need to check if the wood is Vastu Compliant.

3. Buy good quality teak wood furniture for strong and durable furniture.

4. Furniture made of the Malaysian board is also right.

5. The furniture of wrought iron is in trend but heavy in weight and is also not Vastu recommended as it rusts over time. Set the size of the sofa based on the seating arrangement of the living room and everyday people.


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