Predictions by Face Reading

The face is the mirror of man. By looking at the person's face, one can get an idea of what kind of behaviour the person is and how it is a person of conduct as it has been said that people who have their own business have a round face. Such a person has wide eyes and full lips. People who have heavy noses can never be trusted. Those people with long ears do not listen to anyone other than themselves.

Therefore, reading the face is also an art and it is named face reading in English. When the face is read, the astrologers who read the face at that time also read the lines on the forehead of the person first. There are innumerable lines visible and not visible on the forehead. Samudra Shastri can predict the past, future and present of anyone just by looking at the face. Let us tell you that the art of reading faces in Hindi is known as ocean science.

Some of the main faces have been openly told in Samudra Shastra. So let us first tell you about some special faces-

(1) Best face – Those who have a uniform face and who do not have pits etc., are said to be lucky. It is okay to have only a few lines on the forehead.

(2) More lines on the face- People who have more lines on their faces, they are surrounded by more worries. Stress is the main enemy of their life.

(3) People with big forehead- It has been told that people who have big forehead are people who use more brain. At the same time, people who have a big face in the same way also do not trust anyone easily.

(4) Mixed face – People whose face is mixed, that is, somewhere high and somewhere low, such people are more emotional. Trust anyone very quickly. Such people who are weak of heart, very quickly get deceived by anyone.

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