Famous Astrologer In West Delhi On Venus

Famous Astrologer In West Delhi on Venus

Famous Astrologer In West Delhi on Venus

A famous Astrologer In West Delhi states if Venus is in the Ascendant house in the horoscope, then the person becomes alive and bright. The body is fit and healthy. Such a person is fond of wearing new clothes and takes singing as a form of art etc. He has enough amount of jewellery. 

According to astrology, the position of Venus in the horoscope reveals the wealth of the natives and the pleasures of life. It is known among the important planets of the horoscope. Therefore Jyotishacharya is wondering how you can know about yourself from the position of Venus in your horoscope.
If Venus is in the Ascendant house in the horoscope, then the person becomes alive and bright. The body is healthy and healthy. Such a person is fond of wearing new clothes and is fond of singers, arts, etc. He has enough amount of jewellery. One gets respect in every field and is soft-tempered. He spends his life happily and works on new plans with friends. [ Famous Astrologer In West Delhi ]
In the horoscope, if Shukra Dev is in the house of wealth, then the person receives a lot of wealth and receives love and respect from the spouse. Such a person has an affinity for grand and beautiful things. He is soft-spoken as well as intelligent and recognizes the Kul Devi. There is a keen interest in charity work and its fame spreads everywhere. Such a person always gets good and tasty food and links with affluent people. He is very fond of vehicles and caters to every need of his family.
If Venus is in the horoscope in the horoscope then the business of a person extends to abroad and is fond of travelling. Spiritual work always involves the mind and he earns a lot of money through social media. Such a person is a painter, singer, and scholar. There is a lot of interest in reading and it is fortunate and fulfilling. One is always happy with friends and also spends a lot due to a lack of funds. However, there are some difficulties in marital life.

Auspicious effect of venus in the horoscope by Famous Astrologer In West Delhi:-

The face of a person affected by Venus is slightly elongated, dark, attractive, and alluring, as well as a little humidity (moisture). Such persons mostly do not feel any hesitation at all in interacting with others. Due to this quality of his, others remain interested in him.

It has been seen that the native of Venus can never remain indifferent by nature. Just as the planet Venus is present in the solar system with some romanticism. Similarly, a Venus-dominated personality also maintains its romanticism throughout life.

Inauspicious effect of Venus in horoscope

In any horoscope in which Venus is debilitated or an enemy planet under the influence of sin or it is being seen by the sin planets, then its effect creates very inauspicious situations on the person. That is, the person affected by weak and afflicted Venus adopts a sanyasi tendency instead of luxuries.

Such people mostly lead an indifferent life without money and their love affair gets dissolved before they reach maturity. The reason for this is the dry tendency of the planet Venus, which keeps the person irritable all the time.

Transit Time:-

Therefore, it is necessary to have a strong and auspicious effect of Venus in the horoscope for the attainment of all worldly and material pleasures. Apart from this, the presence of Venus in various houses in the horoscope also has a special effect on the luck of the person.

Out of all the planets, Mercury and Saturn are the friendly planets of Venus, and Sun and Moon are called their enemy planets. Along with this, Venus stays in one zodiac for about 23 days and after that, it starts transiting in another sign.
Through this article, we will know what will be the effect of this transit of Venus on your zodiac sign. But before that let us know what big changes this transit of Venus has brought across the country.

Venus and health:-

Many types of Venus-borne diseases like occult diseases, gynaecological diseases, uterus, breast diseases, urinary or bladder-related diseases, etc. can arise when Venus is inauspicious in the horoscope during transit. Therefore, since Venus is transiting in Taurus, the natives of this zodiac may develop swelling, tonsils, cheek-related problems, cough, and blisters on the mouth and tongue.

During this transit, Venus will be sitting in the seventh house from Scorpio, so the people of this zodiac may have problems related to prameha (urinating occasionally), gulma (a lump that emerges on the body), etc.

Apart from this, when Venus is situated in the eighth house in Libra, the person is afraid of weapons, fire, and theft.

During this transit, Leo people need to be very careful as this transit can trouble them with many types of minor and major diseases. Since Venus will move from Aries to the 2nd house during this transit, the natives of this sign may suffer from heart disease, any eye-related problems, and mental pain.

In astrology, the authority of Venus over beauty has been said. Venus is a bright planet, and the effect of Venus will definitely be seen in all the beautiful things in the world. Venus creates Maya. It is the planet that provides lust, greed, and enjoyment to human beings.

Grief: There is no relation from far away. That is why in astrology, Venus is called the factor of happiness.

The feminine results of Venus are more visible, such as beauty, charm, singing, writing, poetry, music, kindness, and sensuality. That is why it is also called the female planet. In addition to all these qualities, the influence of Venus also makes the wise man.

The planet Venus is the guru of the Asuras. Apart from Shiva, they have the dead life mantras.

Their influence not only gives beauty to the person but also the person is full of knowledge.

A special position in the birth chart of Venus –

  1. If Venus, being the owner of the fifth or ninth house, is situated at this place, then the person is full of knowledge. And consists of different types of methods.
  2. The Birth of Venus and Jupiter in the first, second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh position of the horoscope gives different types of education to the person. And possesses reasoning ability.
  3. If there is Venus and Mercury in the ascendant and Jupiter is situated in the Trikona house, then the person becomes a great scholar. In whatever field such a person puts his hand in, he definitely gets success.
  4. The triangle position of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury form Saraswati Yoga. Similar to this, there is also Kalanidhi Yoga. The person born into this yoga is highly qualified and has a mine of qualities.
  5. If Venus is situated in the Kendra place i.e. 1,4,7,10 houses in its own Rashi or exalted sign, then Malavya Mahapurush Yoga is formed. The person born in this yoga attains great fortune. Enjoying all kinds of happiness and prosperity, one attains great happiness.
  6. If Venus is in a strong position in the male horoscope, then it becomes the favourite of many women. Such natives are experts in work art. Attractive and humorous nature. The influence of Venus in the horoscope of women makes the caste great.
  7. Venus being strong shows the lack of conflict in your life. The life of such a person is easy and full of happiness. [ Famous Astrologer In West Delhi ]