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Famous astrologer near me | Mercury retrograte

Famous astrologer near me on Mercury retrograte good or bad: Generally, the address of the planets is

considered to be their effect. For example, a debilitated planet is considered as low i.e. inferior, and

the exalted planet is considered as high i.e. superior. The same situation is more or less with retrograde planets also.

He is considered to have a reverse gait. That is, whatever results will come in the Dasha of the retrograde planet, they will come in reverse. It is not that only novice or amateur astrologers make this mistake,

but I have seen many established astrologers make the same mistake.

How is the retrograte planet:-

Those who know astronomy know that all the planets in the Solar System revolve around the Sun in an elliptical orbit. During this, the planets sometimes come very close to the Sun, and sometimes they move to the maximum distance. In Indian astrology, calculations are done considering the Sun as a planet. 

In such a situation, when the investigator standing on the earth sees that the planet which has reached very close to the Sun is moving ahead of the Sun in speed, then it is said to be fast-moving and when it is at maximum distance from the Sun, then the speed of the planet to the investigator is called Sun. appears to be slow in comparison. 

This is called the retrograte of the planet. Since Mercury is closest to the Sun. In such a situation, in the shortest interval, Mercury is retrograde, transiting, and exalted. On the other hand, Saturn, being at the farthest distance, exhibits such speed at a very slow speed.

How will the effect of retrograte planet:-

Now the second and important point is that what will be the result of retrograte planet. For this take the example of Mercury. Mercury is never able to move away from the third house from the Sun. That is, it is not able to cross 28 degrees. Along with this, the second fact is that the planet that comes closer than ten degrees to the Sun gets set. 

Now if Mercury is near, it will set and if it goes far, it will become retrograde. In such a situation, the result of Mercury should always come negative. If we look at the words, then the planet’s setting means that the planet’s light has been extinguished, and now it will not give any effect, and retrograde means that it will give a negative effect.

in fact, both the situations do not happen.Coming away from the terminology, if we look in the real situation, then Mercury, which comes very close to the Sun, sets but mixes its effects with the Sun. That is what Buddhaditya Yoga is. Such people are more intelligent than normal. That is, on getting the influence of Mercury with the Sun, the intellect becomes sharper.

On the other hand the effect of retrograte planet. Mercury returns to its original form when it moves away from the Sun. When it is retrograde, it gives its rays to the investigator standing on the earth for a long time. Here it does not mean that any rays come out of Mercury, but the rays of stars under the influence of Mercury are received by the investigator for a longer time.

In such a situation, it can be said that Mercury will give high results. Now here high does not mean good but giving more effect.

So as per Famous astrologer near me ,when will Mercury give good or bad effect?

The answer is very simple. The horoscope in which Mercury is karaka and is sitting in a good position will give good results and the horoscope in which it is sitting in a bad position will give bad results. Apart from this, in the horoscopes in which Mercury is inauspicious, no matter what position Mercury is in, its effects will not be seen much.

Where is Mercury’s influence asks Famous astrologer near me?:-At present, the influence of Mercury is everywhere. Wherever there is an exchange of messages, there is an influence of Mercury. This includes all types of media. The communication revolution is the revolution of Mercury itself, the Internet is the form of Mercury itself, Accounting and Banking are also part of Mercury’s sphere of influence and yes there is a severe influence of Mercury in the stock market too. In the life of the common man also, it is the work of Mercury to come, go, stop and generate information.

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