Famous Jyotish In Delhi On Pitra Dosha

As per the Astrologer in janakpuri, in Indian astrology, the planet Venus has been considered a factor of enjoyment. It is generally seen For a person whose Venus is more effective in the horoscope, everything exists in the world, but despite all this, he remains unhappy. It talked about the influence of the planet Venus, but the mythological story of the planet Venus is also very interesting.

Read the mythological story from the Astrologer in janakpuri:

Venus is the son of Maharishi Bhrigu. Just as the guru of the gods is Brihaspati, Venus is the guru of the demons. Therefore Venus is never formed from Jupiter. Venus was the guru of Asuraraj Bali. His wife’s name was Sushma and his daughter’s name was Devayani.

It is mentioned in the Harvansh Purana that once Venus asked Lord Shiva how the demons could be safe from the gods. Shiva then told him about the path of penance. Venus went to the forest for meditation. He meditated for many years.

When Venus was meditating, during that time there was a war between gods and demons on the earth. In Devasur Sangram, Vishnu killed the mother of Venus. When Venus returned to penance, he received the initiation of the dead Sanjeevani mantra from Shiva as a boon. By which he used to bring the dead person alive.

Indian astrology continues

His mother is dead. When this thing was revealed to Venus, he cursed Lord Vishnu that he would be born on earth 7 times in human form. But this curse became a boon for Srihari and a curse for the demons. Born seven times in human form, Srihari killed the tyrannical demons.

After Venus cursed Srihari, he resurrected all the dead demons and his mother from the dead Sanjivani Vidya. This is the knowledge Vidya taught to Kach through the daughter Devyani. But this time Venus meditated again.

Indra sent his son Jayanti to dissolve the asceticism. But she could not break the tenacity of Venus. After penance, Venus married Indra’s daughter Jayanti. Venus, also known as Shukracharya, was a better politician. This mention is found in Hindu mythological texts. Shukracharya wrote a book titled ‘Shukraniti’.

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