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A true Astrologer has the ability to read the aura and potential of an individual through his wisdom and knowledge. So when you need it the most Astrology can guide you and give you answers for the events that you are facing and what will be forthcoming so that you can plan your life according to the plan of your destiny .i.e., “Karma”.

Everyone has its potential & method of analyzing things. Even astrologers go through the same Planetary effects just like an individual. Therefore, Astrologers give predictions as per there own Wisdom and Knowledge so there are chances it is varied from person to person.

Astrology is based on calculations of the planetary positions at the time of birth hence it is meaningless to question if it is a science or not. There are many examples which prove that planets have an influence on mankind and it is indisputable.

The details that the individuals furnished are not accurate which could be because the nurse noted the incorrect birth time at the time of birth or simply the parents were didn’t make a note of the birth time seriously.

Cosmic forces in the universe control our thoughts which in turn direct our actions. Human brain is very sensitive and responds to the tremendous gravitational forces of a planet.

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