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Fruitful mantra in business

Learn from the best astrologer in India about the Mantra Shastra saves from business troubles ‘Shri Lakshmi Ganesh Mantra’ Maharishi Parashar, who knows the cycle of human life and explains the process of forecasting, has thought about business and economic situation in a very logical manner. They believe that the Lagna, the fifth and the ninth house in the horoscope are wealthy because of the place of Lakshmi, such as -‘Lakshmisthanam Trikonam Syat’ and Pratham Navam Chaiva Dhanmityuchyate Budhaiah.

The fourth and tenth places in the horoscope are helpful in earning money as they are indicative of willpower and hard work. On the other hand, the sixth, eighth, and expenditure houses, which are indicative of debt, misfortune, and loss, give loss and trouble in business.

Trouble indicator yoga in businessMaharishi Parashar in his classic work ‘Madhyaparashari’ has given the following signs of loss and trouble in business-

The ascendant should be in the sixth house and the sixth house is in the ascendant or seventh house and it should be visible from Marrakesh. Both Lagna and Moon should be with Ketu and be combined or visible from Marrakesh. As per the best astrologer in India, ascendant should be present in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house along with the malefic planet. The fifth lord and the ninth lord should be in the sixth or eighth house. There should be a change of Lagnesh, Panchmesh, or Navamesh with Trikesha. The lord of the Navamsha in which the ascendant is in the triad should be with Marrakesh.

In the Kundli, Bhagyesh should be the eighth or fifth lord and he should be seen or combined with the Vyesh. Kemadrum, Reka, Daridri, or Bhikshuk yoga should be present in the horoscope of the native way to avoid troubles in Vedic thought, the element that distorts the thoughts and decisions of a person is called ‘obstruction’ and the element which creates obstacles in his business is called ‘obstacle’. Lord Shri Ganesh ji has the ability to remove these obstacles. Mother Lakshmi is a form of wealth, property, and splendor by nature, that is why the tradition of worshiping Shri Lakshmi Ganeshji is here from time immemorial to get wealth and property by removing obstacles and obstacles in business and business.

Shri Lakshmivinayak Mantra:Om Shri Gam Soumaya Ganapataye Varvarad Sarvajanam Mein Vsmanaya Swaha.
Appropriation:Om Asya Shri Lakshmi Vinayak Mantrasya Antaryami Rishi: Gayatri Chhand: Shri Lakshmi Vinayako Devta Shrim Bijam Swaha Shakti: Sarvabhishta Siddhaye Chant Appropriation:

Karanyas – AnganyasOm Shri Gaam Angushtabhyam Namah. – Om Shri Gaan Hridayaya Namah.Om Shri Gee Tarjanibhyam Namah. – Oh Shri Geen Shirse Swaha.Om Shri Goon Madhyamabhayam Namah. – Oh Shree Goon Shikhayi Vaast.Om Shri Gain Anamikabhayam Namah. – Om Shri Gain Kavachay Hum.Om Shri Gau Kanishkabhayam Namah. – Om Shri Gaun Nettrarayaya Vaushat.Om Shringa: Kartalkar Prajabhyam Namah. Om Shringa: Astrayam ft.
MeditationDantabhaye chakradarodadhanam karaggasvarnaghtam trinetram.Dhritabjayalingitambadhipuya Laxmiganosham Kanakabhamide.

As per the best astrologer in India, way after retiring from the daily rules, sitting on the seat facing east or facing north, one should resolve to perform Aachman and Pranayama and perform the rituals of Sri Lakshmi Vinayak Mantra. After that spread red cloth on the post or board. Lord Lakshmi Ganesh Ji should be worshiped with Panchopchar or Shodashopachar on this Lakshmi Vinayak Mantra, written on Bhojpatra/Silver leaf with Asrgandha and Jasmine pen. After this, after due appropriation, trust, and meditation, one should chant the mantra with concentration. The number of chanting in this ritual is from 1.25 lakh to four lakh.

Ritual rules Sadhak should take bath and wear silk clothes. Applying Tripund or Tilak of Bhasma should be chanted on Rudraksha or red sandalwood rosary. This chanting is considered to be the destroyer of troubles. Red sandalwood, Durva, Raktkaner, lotus flowers, Modak and Panchmeva are offered in the worship. All the wishes are fulfilled by worshiping with devotion, chanting diligently, and performing Havan with reverence. Reciting Ganapatyatharvashirsukta, Srisukta, Laxmisukta Kanakadhara Stotra, etc. is fruitful during the ritual days.


Anant Chaturdashi Ganesh Visarjan



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