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Gemstone astrologer in delhi:- For what purpose can gems be used?

There are two main theories available about the use of gems in astrology

(1) For inauspicious, sinful, and cruel planetary peace

(2) Auspicious, fruitful and yogic planets for confirmation.

The meaning is that if any planet is causing an inauspicious effect in the birth of a person,

then gems are used and if the auspiciousness of any auspicious planet is to be increased,

then gems can also be used. Apart from astrological use, gems are also used in the form of medicines of Ayurveda.

Is the method of use of gems for planetary peace and planet confirmation the same asks Gemstone astrologer in delhi ?

No! The method of use of gems for planetary peace and planet confirmation is completely different. In the context of the peace of malefic planets, a provision has been made to donate gems.

It is clearly stated in these texts that the gems related to the planets which are inauspicious in birth,

Dasha, transit or ashtakvarga, etc. should be donated. With this donation, those inauspicious planets are pleased and provide auspicious results.

“Yeh khechara gocharatoshtavargaddasha- kramadvapyashubha bhavanti. Danadina te sutraan prasantasteऽdhuna. “But when it comes to strengthening the planets, then a provision has been made to

wear the gems related to those planets in the form of coins, gems or any ornaments on the body.

“Kirite katisutre cha kundle thumbhushane. Kirtivaktre mudrikayan kankane bahubhusane.

It is clear that the planets present in the birthplace of

the person should wear gems to give them more strength and for their happiness.

“Dharyam tushtyai bhum bhanvoh pravalam raupyam shukendrascha hemendujasya. Surermukta lohamarkatmajasya lajavartah kirtito rahuketvah.

Which one should be considered as the basis for the selection of gems,

Dasha or auspicious planets according to the demand of the people asks Gemstone astrologer in delhi 😕

Generally, it is seen in folk behavior that according to the birth chart of the person, the person is

advised to wear the gem related to the planet whose dashantradasha or pratyantardasha is going on.

Those principles have been clearly presented in the astrological texts,

by which the Yogakaraka planets can be identified for the person.

Maharishi Parashar Prokt

In this context, Maharishi Parashar Prokt “Vrihatparasharahorashastram” is a visual treatise. According to this, Lagnesh, Panchmesh, Navmesh i.e. Trikonadhipati give very auspicious results and are Yogakarakas. In the context of the auspiciousness of the Kendras, very careful consideration is required, and

only then can it be advised to wear the gems related to them. 

Whereas on the other hand, taking only the Mahadashesh or Antardashesh as the basis and without

considering their auspiciousness, advise the host to wear gems,

then it cannot be said to be a proper or classical method.

Therefore, it is necessary that on the basis of Parashari principles,

first determine the auspicious and inauspicious planets for the person,

only then it will be scriptural to give advice regarding wearing or donating any gem.

 Many times it is seen that only the gemstone related to the planet in which the

Dasha is going on is worn and generally the person does not get any benefit from this remedy,

but sometimes they also get bad luck.

Maharishi Parashar has clearly said that no planet gives auspicious or inauspicious results

related to itself in its Dasha, but planets give auspicious results to the native in the Dasha-

Dasha of their co-religious planets? 

The principle of wearing gems related to Dashantardsheshas can be possible

to be used only after very deep contemplation and contemplation.

Gemstone astrologer in delhi on theory of Gem production

There are many theories prevailing in the context of the origin of gems. According to modern geology, various gems are originated from minerals. In the course of geological temperature and time, these minerals change their form and are called ‘gems’ by turning into crystals or crystals. 


According to astrological and gemological texts, the origin of various gems has been

told from the body of demon Bali and Vajrasura. Apart from this, some scholars accept the origin of gems from the bones of Maharishi Dadhichi. The most important and universal principle is considered to be about the sacrifice of the demon king. 

According to this, the body of the sacrificial body was converted into

gems by the effect of pure caste and good deeds due to the thunderbolt on the body of the demon king Bali by Indra.

From the bones of King Bali were born diamonds, pearls from teeth, rubies from blood,

emeralds from bile, sapphires from eyes, vaidurya from heart, crystals from fat,

coral from the flesh, topaz from leather, and Bhishma from semen.

 Out of these gems, Sun has taken ruby, Moon has pearl, Mars has coral,

Mercury has emerald, Jupiter has topaz, Venus has diamond, Saturn has sapphire,

Rahu has onyx and Ketu has taken Vaidurya, that is why those who wear these gems. They are not able to suffer from the wrath of the above-mentioned planets.


Gemstone astrologer in delhi on what are the remedies mentioned in astrology for the peace and confirmation of inauspicious planets?

Different remedies have been given for different problems in the texts of astrology. To get rid of the ill effects of evil planets, cruel planets, inauspicious planetary yogas, remedies like Yagya, Havan, charity,

bathing, chanting, pilgrimage, story listening, praise, fasting, rituals, wearing of gems, etc. have been told. 

The ancient sages have discussed in great detail in their writings the remedies prescribed for planetary peace and confirmation. Some of these measures are a little laborious while some are painful.

Gemstone astrologer in delhi on why give priority to wearing gemstones in astrological remedies?

The remedies available in these ancient astrological texts for planet peace and

planet confirmation have a long chain and a lot of money is also spent in it. Purity of mind, word, and deed is essential in the chanting of mantras, rituals, Yagya-Havana, etc.

Whether it is an inaccuracy in pronunciation or inaccuracy in conduct, their presence is definitely

incapable of fulfilling the favor of the host and at the same time, the fear of the host’s evil also remains. The example of attainment of bad results due to impure pronunciation of mantras in yagya,

havan, rituals, japadi is available from the Vedic period itself, where the host was destroyed due to voice differences in the word “Indrashatru”, a part of the mantra, as well as these

The availability of scholars and qualified teachers for conducting rituals and sacrifices also becomes very difficult. Of these series of remedies, wearing a gemstone is the one option where

there is the least fear of the possibility of the above-mentioned evil.

It is most popular among astrological remedies due to its less laboriousness and the easy availability of gems. Therefore, it proves to be best for those who wish to attain favor and

stay away from evils towards wearing a gemstone.


Gemstone astrologer in delhi on which are the scriptures for the planets of the sun?

That is, ruby is said to be of Sun, the pearl of Moon, coral of Mars, the emerald of Mercury, topaz of planet Jupiter,

Vraj or diamond of Venus, Sapphire of Saturn, Onyx of Rahu, and Lahsuniya of planet Ketu.


Is the trend of wearing gemstones ancient or ancient?

If we talk about the evidence related to wearing gems, then even in the oldest composition of the world,

Rigveda, the cases related to the wearing of gems are available. The word ‘ratna’ has been used in the first hymn of Rigveda – “Hotaram Ratnadhatamam”. 

Apart from this, a description of various gems, clothes, weapons, ornaments, etc. is also found in the Rigveda. In the Atharvaveda, there is also a detailed discussion of disease-killing gems, etc. In ancient astrological texts such as Vrihatparasharahorashastram also there are references to the use of Ratnadi. 

Varahamihira has said in his famous composition ‘Vrihatsamhita’ in Ratna Parikshadhyay

that wearing auspicious gems results in-auspiciousness for kings and wearing inauspicious gems leads to in-auspiciousness for the king. 

Therefore, gems should wear gems only after examining the divine divinity of the gem, “Ratne shubhen shubham bhavati nripanamnishtamshubhen. Yasmadah parikshyam daivam ratnashritam tajgyaih. Ancient historical texts like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Kalidas, etc.

have shed light on the gem and its various forms in their timeless works.


Which principle should be followed in determining the weight of gems?

After selecting the right gemstone for the person, the second major problem is the weight of the gems. One class of astrologers determines the weight of gems on the basis of the weight of the person’s body,

while the other class determines the weight of the gemstone by considering the

fractional value of the planet concerned and the strength of the planets. 

Many such methods have been described in the texts of astrology, by which one can

evaluate the strength or weakness of the planets. After determining the position of the

planets on the basis of the fractional value of the planets and the zodiac sign established by it,

one can take appropriate decisions regarding the weight of the gems.


The following table can be helpful in determining the position of the planets and the weight of the gems:-

If the planets are situated in odd signs,

then they are 0°-6° (Bal), 6°-12°(Kumar), 12°-18°(young), 18°-24°(old), 24°-30° (dead) state.

When the planets are located in even signs, then the planets are 24°-30°(Bal),18°-24°(Kumar),12°-18°(young),6°-12°(old),0°-6° are in (dead) state.

If the planet is in a child or dead state, then more weight gems will be required whereas in old age,

Kumar and youth respectively, less weight gems are required.

After determining the strength or weakness of the planets on the basis of the planets,

it is the scriptural method to determine the weight of the gems.


When to buy gems? And how are the gems?

Gems related to planets should be purchased on the wise related to those planets. That is, it is scriptural to buy ruby on Sunday, pearl on Monday, coral on Tuesday. In the context of Rahu-Ketu, it has been said that “Kujvat Ketu Shaniwat Rahu” therefore Tuesday for the purchase of Lahunia and

Saturday for the purchase of Onyx is considered to be auspicious. 

While buying gems, keep in mind that the gems should be completely pure and defect-free – “Ratnani Dharyetkoshe Shudhani Gunavanti Cha.”

While pure gemstones provide auspicious results to the native, wearing impure and faulty gemstones always creates the possibility of evil.


Which data and time is appropriate for wearing a gem or donating it?

In the scriptures, only the wise related to the planet for wearing a gem or donating it is said to be good.

That is, ruby should be worn on Sunday, pearl on Monday, coral on Tuesday, emerald on Wednesday,

topaz on Thursday, diamond on Friday, sapphire on Saturday, garlic on Wednesday, and onyx on Sunday. 

“Kuryat suryadikhetanam japadanadharanadikam. Teshan vaare cha kale cha tenutushta bhavanti te. As far as time is concerned, ruby, coral, emerald, topaz, sapphire, and lehsuniya

gems should be worn within the next one hour after sunrise. Whereas pearls, diamonds, and onyx should be worn for the next one hour after sunset.


Is it necessary to consecrate its life before wearing a gem or can this method be abandoned?

In the context of wearing gems, it is necessary that the gems should be established by the Vedic, Tantric, or mythological mantras

of their respective deities, only then wear them as an astrological remedy. It has also been said that – “Pooja without Pratishthan Nasti Na Mantra without Pratishthan Ch. Tadubhaya vipratipannah pashyatu girvana pashanam. 

That is, without the prestige of life, the gems are mere stones, and after the life is established,

the gems become alive and become capable of giving auspicious results to the person.

In the process of the consecration of gems, worshiping the Navagraha and performing

Havan is appropriate and Shodashopachar worship of the planets of particular gems,

chanting, and Havan in the prescribed number is very essential.


Which is the best metal and which finger of the hand is suitable for wearing a gemstone?

Gold metal for ruby, silver for pearl, copper for coral, gold for emerald, gold for topaz, gold for diamond,

iron for sapphire, ashtadhatu for onyx, and also gold or Ashtadhatu for garlic is considered to be paved.

Ruby should be worn in the ring finger of the hand, pearl should be worn on the ring finger,

coral on the ring finger, emerald on the junior finger, topaz on the index finger, diamond on the ring finger,

onyx in the middle finger or ring finger while lushniya should be worn in the ring finger. 

The knowledge of fingers related to planets can be obtained in great detail by perusing the

scriptures like Samudrikshastram, Karlakshana, Hastasanjeevanam,

which can be easily applied in the principles of wearing gems.

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