Good Astrologer In Gurgaon Navagrahas

good astrologer in gurgaon Navagrahas

If you wear gems in this way, then there will be only benefit by good astrologer in gurgaon :-

Often you must have heard people saying that even after wearing such a gemstone, there does not seem to be any benefit, or after wearing the gemstone, everything has turned even more upside down, or have not worn the wrong gemstone.
Actually all the gems do their work and have their effect on the human being, but why is it that those gems are not able to have a positive effect on some people. The reason for this is not wearing the gems properly.
Each gem of the Navagrahas is prescribed by good astrologer in gurgaon
In Vedic astrology, each of the Navagrahas has a set of gems and they also have their sub-ratna. In fact, even after wearing, the gems are not able to show their effect because they are not perceived in the right way.
Let us know today which things should be kept in mind before wearing gems. What are the precautions to be taken before wearing and what to keep in mind after wearing.
What day to wear
A fixed day is fixed for wearing the gems of the Navagrahas. The gemstone of the concerned planet should be worn on its appointed day, only then it becomes fully fruitful. like
Sun’s gem Ruby on Sunday
Moon’s gem pearl on Monday, Mars’s gem
coral on tuesday
Mercury’s gemstone emerald on Wednesday
Guru’s Ratna Pukhraj on Thursday
Venus’s gem diamond on Friday
Saturn’s gemstone Sapphire on Saturday
Rahu’s Gem Onyx on Saturday
Ketu’s gem Lahsuniya on Saturday
Which finger to wear an advice from good astrologer in gurgaon:-
In the index finger of the Guru’s gem Pukhraj
Gemstones of Shani, Rahu, Ketu are placed in the middle finger of Sapphire, Onyx, and Lahsuniya respectively.
The gems of Sun, Mars and Venus are placed in the ring finger of Ruby, Coral, Diamond respectively.
Pearls and emeralds are worn in the little finger of the Moon and Mercury respectively.
Some astrologers also wear the diamond of Venus in the middle finger. It is decided by looking at the position of Venus.
How to put gems in a ring
To get astrological benefits from a gemstone, some special things have to be taken care of while getting it fixed in the ring. The gems in the ring should be placed in such a way that the ring remains open from the bottom so that the sunlight passing through the gem can enter the body of the wearer passing through it.
Also, get the gems fixed in the ring in such a way that it touches the wearer’s finger slightly from below. The energy of the gemstone related to it enters the body of the wearer.
How to purify
After making a gemstone ring, it is necessary to purify it and consecrate life. For this, 24 hours before the day of wearing the gemstone, it should be kept in Gangajal or raw milk. On the day it is to be worn, it is taken out and washed with pure water and worshiped and worshiped.
(The detailed method of consecration of life will be found in any ritualistic book.) After this, it is worn by chanting a rosary of the mantra of the concerned planet. After wearing the gemstone, once a week, make sure to purify it with Gangajal. Also chant a rosary of the mantra of the concerned planet.