Good Astrologers In Delhi On Shani Dev

Good Astrologers In Delhi on Shani Dev

Many stories of Shani Dev are in our Puranas. As per the Good Astrologers In Delhi, Shaniagraha is called the god of justice. Because Shani creates balance in nature and does justice to all beings, many misconceptions are heard in relation to them, like Shani Dev only in life

Many stories of Shani Dev are in our Puranas. Shaniagraha is called the god of justice. Because Shani creates balance in nature and does justice to all beings, many misconceptions are heard in relation to them, such as Shani Dev is the inauspicious and unhappy factor in life. The reality is that Shanidev is not as inauspicious as people believe him. It is said that Shanidev gets angry and happy with his devotees soon. It is believed that if Lord Shani is duly worshiped, he never keeps his devotees unhappy.

Shani Dev continued,

If a person does not harm anyone in the society, then there is no need to fear Shani Dev. An innocent person does nothing to Saturn, but wicked people have to divide the anger of Shani Dev. It is said that sesame and oil have great importance in the worship of Shani Dev.

Amavasya is the day the moon does not appear in the sky. In astrology, the Moon has been described as very important in the life of any person. So every month’s Amavasya or full moon day is special in everyone’s life. Amavasya is associated with dark nights, so it is often seen as evil or bad. However, in Hinduism, this day is also considered to be free from the evil effects of planetary constellations, curses of ancestors, etc.

Some special worship methods offer prayers to many deities to get rid of many ill effects on the day of Amavasya. As such, every Amavasya is celebrated as a special festival in one way or the other, in fact, Amavasya falling on certain days of the year (eg ‘Shanaishwari or Shani Amavasya’, ‘Somvati Amavasya’, ‘Bhumavati Aamavasya’, ‘Mouni Aamavasya’ ‘Etc.) have been considered particularly important. Read the steps from the Good Astrologers In Delhi.

By doing special poojas during these special occasions, one can get rid of many obstacles

The position of Saturn in the horoscope is considered as the antidote. Shanidev is the controlling god of all the planets. He is believed to be the Chief Justice of the Board of Controllers of the planets. All the planets give their auspicious or inauspicious results according to the decision of Shani Dev. Hence, the signs of weak Saturn or Saturn and the half-and-half of Saturn are under the influence of Dhaiyya often face difficulties. People also adopt various types of Vedic remedies to avoid this.

In fact, it is believed that Shani Dev is always angry due to bad deeds and the person has to be angry with Saturn, whereas Saturn is always happy with the natives of good deeds and on which Saturn will be pleased, the more he gets in life due to the influence of Shani. You get respect and progress. There are many such things in life that happen to be unknowingly and the person becomes a victim of Shani-dosha. To overcome this, Saturdays are especially fasted to please Shani Dev but by worshiping Shani Dev of ‘Shani Amavasya’, a person can get rid of these defects and fulfill all his desires.

How to worship Shani Dev for fulfilling your wishes:

Shraddh of ancestors has special significance on the day of ‘Shani Amavasya’. Especially in the horoscope, the sufferers of Pitridosh should do Pitra Shradh and Dan Karma, etc. On this day, it is said that even if the people free from Pitra dosha donate and do Shraadh on this day, then they get success in every field in the future.

-So on this auspicious day, one should invoke and see Shani Dev after bathing with the holy river water. Since Shanidev is especially fond of blue and yellow flowers and bilva Patra, hence offering it to Shani Dev with Akshata especially Is beneficial.

Devotees of Lord Shiva receive the blessings of Shani Dev.

-Assess the oil by offering Sarson Oil, Urad Dal, Black Sesame, Kulathi, Jaggery, Shani Yantra to Shani Dev.

– Please read Shani Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa, or Bajrang Baan on this day. On this day it is auspicious for a person to worship Lord Shani with complete rituals on this day.

– Burn seven pieces of mustard oil along with offering seven types of grains to the peepal tree.

– Donate til or urad dal or dish made from them to the needy. In particular, donate urad dal khichdi to poorra Narayan.

– On this day, one can wear Shani Yantra, Shani locket, or black horseshoe ring. Also, wearing Sapphire or Katella on this day is also auspicious.

– After the special worship of Shani Dev on this day, apologize to him for his crimes and unintentional sins.

– After worshiping Shanidev, one must worship ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’.

– Watering the peepal tree on Saturday is considered to be free from the troubles of Saturn. On the day of Shani Amavasya, one must do seven circumambulations by tying sutras in Peepal along with it.

Saturn’s pain is relieved by using Rudraksha

Put it together in a red thread. It is found in astrological texts that these measures also eliminate the inauspicious yoga of Saturn in the horoscope.

Rudraksha or say the axis of Rudra i.e. tear. Rudraksha originated from the tears of Devadidev Lord Shiva. Saturn’s pain is removed by using Rudraksha. And the grace of Shanidev can also be achieved. But one must follow patience to wear Rudraksha. Only then does it provide full meaning. It is described in all the texts of astrology that wearing Rudraksha can overcome the struggles in life. By which the grace of Shani Dev is received.

Where to wear

As per the Good Astrologers In Delhi, Rudraksha can be worn on the wrist, throat, and heart. It is best to wear it around the neck. But you can also wear it with 12 on the wrist, 36 on the neck, and 108 in the heart. Any person wearing Rudraksha should remain sattvic. Otherwise, its effect is fruitless.

Use of Rudraksha for Shani

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn to deal with the pain of Shani. Wear it around the neck in red thread on Saturday. At the same time, if Saturn is inauspicious in the horoscope, wear one face and eleven face Rudraksha together. Put it together in a red thread. It is found in astrological texts that these measures also eliminate the inauspicious yoga of Saturn in the horoscope.

Their worship eradicates Saturn’s wrath

Salvation can be attained by using Shani’s panchag, i.e. flowers, leaves, roots, twigs, and juice.

Hindu civilization holds that by planting or worshiping some trees or plants in the house, there is happiness in the house or there is always a residence of Lakshmi in the house. Peepal, banana, and Shami trees, etc. are trees that provide prosperity in the home. Similarly, it is believed that by planting a Shami tree in the house, the grace of the deities remains.

Shami will save from Saturn’s wrath

Worshiping the Shami tree reduces the wrath of Shani in the house. In the scriptures, several remedies have been suggested to reduce the wrath of Saturn. But among all these remedies, the main remedy is the worship of the Shami tree. Worshiping the Shami plant at home will remove the obstruction in your work.

The wood of the Shami tree is considered sacred to the altar of the yajna. The altar made of Shami wood has special significance in the Yajna performed on Saturday. According to one belief, the poet Kalidas got knowledge by sitting under the Shami tree and doing penance.

Shami is considered to be Ganesha’s favorite tree. That is why the leaves of the Shami tree are offered in worship of Lord Ganesha. The leaves of this tree used in the worship of Lord Ganesha also have importance in Ayurveda. In the eyes of Ayurveda, Shami is a very effective medicine. Parts of this tree are used in many diseases.

Auspicious sightings of Shami tree

Visiting the Shami tree is considered auspicious after waking up in the morning in Bihar and Jharkhand of North India. In Bihar and Jharkhand, this tree is found outside the doors of most houses. People visit it before going to any work and apply it with the forehead, by doing this they get success in that work.

Shami resolves many defects

Many gods live on the Shami tree. The use of the Shami tree is considered auspicious in all yagyas. Shami’s thorns are used for tantra-mantra hindrance and destruction of negative forces. Salvation can be attained by using Shani’s panchag, i.e. flowers, leaves, roots, twigs, and juice.

Worshiping Shami in Dussehra is beneficial

The leading Good Astrologers In Delhi says that worshiping the Shami tree on Dussehra has special significance. Even in Navratri, the importance of worshiping with the leaves of the Shami tree has been told. Worshiping the tree every evening during the nine days of Navratri brings wealth. It is believed that Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram prayed for his victory in front of the tree of Shami before invading Lanka.

Plant trees on the left side of the door [ Good Astrologers In Delhi ]

Along with the worship of Shami, there is a question on which side should this tree be planted in the house. Plant the Shami tree to the left of the main door of the house. After this, light a mustard oil lamp regularly. Saturn will always be blessed by all the members of your household and family.

Fast for the benefit of Shani Dev [ Good Astrologers In Delhi ]

– In the evening, offer Shani Dev as an offering by burning lamps given in Shani temple and urad dal khichdi. As a prasad, this khichdi must be eaten by itself.

Wear black clothes.[ Good Astrologers In Delhi ]

– To start Saturday fast on this Shani Amavasya falling in the month of Shravan, all wishes are proved fulfilling.