Harmful Ways Of Venus By Astrologer In Delhi

Harmful ways of Venus by astrologer in Delhi

As per the leading astrologer in delhi Venus being an auspicious planet is the planet of enjoyment and luxury for

the natives and rules the sense. Therefore happiness cannot be felt by a person in what the positive position of Venus in the horoscope. Read below from the best astrologer in India for more information.

The inauspicious Venus proves the life of the person to be difficult because a man is born only to enjoy the fruits of

his actions. If he has to suffer inauspicious results throughout his life then the deeds of this life also

become inauspicious as a result of which he feels tight in the shackles of rebirth. In the following horoscope of Venus, the native has to suffer inauspicious results or evil. Now let us study the results of inauspicious venus.

Harmful ways of Venus continues……………….

If Venus in any sense of horoscope is located in retrograde auspicious enemy zodiac or is wicked or with sinful

planets then the native is deprived of home vehicle splendor female happiness and suffers from

malefic and sexual diseases.

If Venus is in any zodiac in the sixth or eighth house then the native suffers from many diseases and has enemies.

Due to Venus in the sixth house, the native misbehaves is cowardly due to

Venus in the seventh house the person

is malevolent and runs after the women and humiliates them.

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Venus situated in the third house makes the native lazy cowardly and the Ashtamastha Venus makes the person

angry unhappy suffering from his wife and secret affairs. In the birth chart of a male Venus represents the female

caste so the number of sinful planets or sightings of Venus the person has harmful and degrading relations with

the women in his life.

If the lord of any house is Venus in the sixth or eighth house then inauspicious results are obtained related to

that house while Venus in the twelfth house gives auspicious results because the twelfth house is the spent

house and the native will spend his life. Earnings spend only for the attainment of material happiness.

Remedies of Planet Venus from the best Vedic astrologer in Delhi

Bathing with mixed water of the ingredients available in nutmeg mainsail piparamool saffron cardamom radish

seed myrrh behera amla, etc will calm the negative results of Venus.

Pooja recitation of Venus mantra ucharan duly recited Durga Saptashati recitation of Shatchandi recitation of

Shukra Stotra or Kavach recitation of Shloka of Acharya Sankara Krita Beauty Lahiri Indrakshi Kavach Annapurna

Stotra in case of marriage interruption The recitation of Kamdev mantra to girls and Mohini Kavach to men gives

the best results. Also, recitation of Srisukta Lakshmi Kavach, etc. should be done.

Harmful ways of Venus continues……………….

Ratnadi or stones like Diamond is worn for the undesirable destruction caused by Venus and the attainment of happiness. Wearing Venus with zircon increases wife happiness business and money. At least one Ratti diamond should be inlaid in a seven Ratti gold ring.

In the absence of gold, the diamond should be tied in a strange color and

put on the neck or arm. In the absence of diamonds, Kansala Sang Dutla Sang Kuranj or Sang Taramuli can also be worn. Apart from these wearing the root of a plant called silver or Sinhapuchhi is also beneficial.

Other remedies like Donating sweet food white silk clothes silver jewelry etc to the unfortunate women. Donation

of gold or silver Putting white rose flowers in water consuming urad and ghee serving the common man donating

or flowing ghee curd camphor ginger etc into the water donating cow-calf or buffalo or cow husk or

Harmful ways of Venus continues……………….

Donating fodder obeying a wife keeping women happy applying fragrant material on the body not wearing a

torn dress and not letting anyone wear it not burnt etc are the evil calms produced by

Venus through normal measures.