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Best matrimony in Delhi on Mantras and meanings of 7 sacred words of marriage, it is necessary to follow them for a beautiful life


At the time of marriage, husband and wife take fire as witnesses and give seven promises to each other, which are very important in married life. Even today, if their importance is understood, then many problems in married life can be avoided.


In view of the importance of the 7 promises given by the husband to the wife at the time of marriage, here special information is being given about those words.


(1) Here the girl tells the groom that if you ever go on a pilgrimage, then take me with you too. If you do any fasting or any other religious work, then like today, give me a place in your left part. If you accept it, then I agree to come to your Vamang.


For the completion of any kind of religious rituals, it is considered necessary to have a wife with her husband. Through this word by the wife, the participation and importance of the wife in the religious work has been clarified.


(2) The girl asks for another promise from the groom that just as you respect your parents, respect my parents in the same way and if you remain a devotee of God while performing rituals according to the family’s dignity, then I will do your Vamang. I agree to come.


Here the vision of the girl is realized through this word. Keeping the above promise in mind, the bridegroom must consider good behavior with his in-laws.


(3) In the third verse, the girl says that if you give me a promise that you will continue to follow me in all the three stages of life (youth, adulthood, old age), then only I am ready to come to your Vamanga.


(4) The fourth word of the girl demands that till now you were completely free from the worries of the family. Now that you are going to tie the knot, the responsibility of fulfilling all the needs of the family in the future lies on your shoulders. If you pledge to bear this burden then only I can come to your Vamang.


In this verse, the girl attracts the groom to his responsibilities in the future. It has also been clarified by this verse that a son should be married only when he, standing on his own feet, starts earning a sufficient amount.


(5) What the girl says in this verse is very important in today’s perspective. She says that if you take my advice while spending in your household work, transaction or any other, then I accept to come to your Vamang.


This verse completely outlines the rights of the wife. Now if the wife is consulted before doing any work, then it not only increases the respect of the wife but also gives a feeling of satisfaction towards her rights.


(6) The girl says that if I am sitting among my friends or other women, then you will not insult me there for any reason in front of everyone. If you keep yourself away from gambling or any other kind of addiction, then I agree to come to your Vamang.


(7) As the last promise, the girl asks for this groom that you will treat foreign women like mothers and will not make anyone a partner between the mutual love of husband and wife. If you give this word to me, then I accept to come under your Vamang.)


Through this promise, the girl tries to secure her future as per Best matrimony in Delhi.