If The Condition Of Rahu Ketu And Saturn Deteriorates In The Horoscope What To Do

If the condition of Rahu Ketu and Saturn deteriorates in the horoscope what to do

How and why Shani Rahu and Ketu affect your life and how to avoid their wrath. Knowledge is only prevention. Get detailed analyses from the best astrologer in India.

What is Shani Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are the followers of Saturn. Their positions in the body are appointed. Ketu is the headless body and Rahu is the bodiless head. According to the best astrologer in Delhi If there is any type of issue with your head including your throat then Rahu is the reason for that issue and if there is any type of disorder in the lungs stomach and feet then you are a victim of Ketu.

If you have any problem with bone hair teeth or intestine then you are a victim of Shani. Saturn influences the vision of the body hair twins bones and temples Rahu on the head and chin and Ketu on the ears spine knees penis and joints. The role of Rahu and Ketu is like a police officer acting on the orders of Judge Shani. The color of Shani is considered blue Rahu black and Ketu white. The god of Saturn is Bhairav Ji the Saraswati of Rahu and the god of Ketu is Lord Ganesha.

Saturns animals are buffalo Rahus elephant and prickly wild rat and Ketu’s dog donkey pig and lizard. Shani tree is kikar Akha and palm tree Rahus coconut tree and dog grass and Ketu’s tamarind stems the same plant and banana.

Problems created by Rahu

If a person has impurities inside his or her body then there is a sudden increase in the possibility of an occurrence of Rahu with the person. Fear and misconception take place and there is even a fear of an event like an accident.

A person who is in Rahu’s face will be dishonest or deceitful. Rahu stops the progress of such a person. Rahu will be spoiled that is there will be malfunctions of the mind enemies of vain will be born heads may get hurt. A person may indulge in alcohol or sexual intercourse. The Guru also leaves with Rahu being spoiled.

If Rahu s placement is good then one develops the qualities of a superior litterateur philosopher-scientist or mystical disciplines. The other side of this is that Raja Yoga can also result from its goodness. Usually, its people are more in police or administration.

Rahu Ketu and Saturn deteriorates continues………………..

Ketu negatives are that the person who is dirty with tongue and heart and who changes colors like a chameleon becomes a victim of Ketu. If a person cheats deceives and tortures someone Ketu starts climbing above his feet and stops all the activities of such a person s life. Job business food and drink all stop. Such a person sleeps on the street or in jail, not at home. His night sleep remains undisturbed but he sleeps during the day and gets away from all the life tasks.

A person suffers from urination joint pain obstruction of childbirth and wheezing due to the malfunction of Ketu.

If Ketu Is good a person enjoys position prestige and children and sleeps peacefully in the night.

Saturns ill effects are living with a foreign woman drinking alcohol eating meat lying doing evil or making fun of religion insulting fathers and ancestors and doing business of interest is not primarily like these seven acts of Saturn. Saturn takes peace happiness and prosperity from his life during his tenure or cycle. A person is ruined by walking on the path of evil. Saturn is like a snake whose bite is sure to kill a person.

Rahu Ketu and Saturn deteriorates continues………………..

Due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn the house or part of the house falls or is damaged otherwise the house is sold due to debt or fighting. The hairs of the limbs rapidly fall. A sudden fire can occur. Money property is destroyed in any way. Premature tooth and eye weakness. If the position of Saturn is auspicious then one progresses in every field. There is no suffering in his life. Hair and nails are strong. Such a person is judicious and there is a lot of respect in society.

Easy way to avoid the suffering of Rahu, Ketu, and Shani by reading below the remedies to avoid ill effects of Rahu Ketu and Shani as per Jyotish experts in Delhi NCR

The remedy for Shani is to Visit Bhairavji s temple and ask for forgiveness of his sins. Stay away from gambling speculation alcoholism contact with prostitutes evil of religion insult to father and ancestors and interest etc Keep the body clean daily by taking a bath every day. Keep teeth hair and nails clean.

Rahu Ketu and Saturn deteriorates continues………………..

Feed bread to crows daily. The shade that takes a little mustard oil in the bowl and sees your face and place it in the Shani temple. Treat the blind handicapped servants and scavengers well. Keep the water at the head at night and offer it in the morning on the figure or the palm tree. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Remedies for Rahu are to eat food in the dining room only. Have a good relationship with your in-laws side. Keep the radish at the head in the night and donate it to a temple in the morning. Make a solid silver elephant and keep it in the house. Apply a broom in a temple for one hundred days. Pour barley into water.

Remedies for Ketu are related to Children who are representative of Ketu. So keep good relations with children. Worship Lord Ganesha. Get both ears pierced. Donate white and black double-colored blankets to a temple or to the poor. Feed bread to a brown dog. Dogs can also be raised, but by asking the expert on any red book.

These Ten yogas are most inauspicious in the horoscopes do these remedies immediately

In the horoscope, yoga is formed by the combination of two or more planets vision motion etc. The Yogas of the planets have been considered the basis of astrology. A famous astrologer in Delhi suggests that Due to inauspicious yoga a person has to suffer a lifetime of grief. Let us know what are the inauspicious yogas and what are their remedies as per the leading astrology services in Delhi

Chandal Yoga

The presence or sight of Rahu or Ketu with Jupiter in any house of horoscope makes Chandal Yoga.
This yoga has a bad effect on education money and character. The native disrespects the elderly and may have stomach and respiratory diseases.
For the prevention of this yoga donate yellow things by keeping a good character. Apply saffron turmeric or sandalwood tilak on the forehead.
If possible eat at the same time and use gram flour in the meal. Otherwise, keep a fast every Thursday.

Alpa ayu yoga

When the lunar planet in the horoscope of the native is sitting in the triple places with sin planets or there is sight of sin planets on the lagna and it is powerless short age yoga is created. In Alpayu yoga there is always a crisis in the life of the native so care should be taken in the diet and behavior.
Hanuman Chalisa Mahamrityunjaya Mantra should be recited daily for the diagnosis of Alpayu Yoga and the native should stay away from all kinds of evil deeds.

Grahan Yoga

There are mainly two types of Grahan Yoga Sun and moon eclipse. If the moon is sitting with the sin planet Rahu or Ketu then there is a lunar eclipse and Rahu with the Sun then a Surya eclipse occurs. Lunar eclipse causes mental pain and harm to the mother. A solar eclipse never makes a person stable in life bones become weak, there is no happiness from father. In such a situation six coconuts need to flow in running water. make regular recitations of Aditya Hrudaya Stotra. Offer water to the sun. Keep Ekadashi and Sunday fast. Do not keep a beard.

Vaidya yoga

There are many conditions for formation of a Vaidya yoga. Vaidya yoga means being widowed. The lord of the seventh house is mars and the third seventh or tenth vision of Saturn also makes a Vaidya yoga. Saptamesh is related to Saturn mars and if Saptamesh is weak,then it is the sum of law.
Jatika should worship mangala Gauri for five years after marriage Kumbh marriage before marriage and if this yoga is revealed after marriage then both should take measures of mars and Shani.

Daridraya Yoga

If the lord of the eleventh house in any birth chart is situated in the sixth eighth or twelth house of the planet then in such a horoscope there will be Daridraya Yoga.The economic condition of the natives who come under the strong influence of Daridraya Yoga remains poor throughout their life and such natives have to face financial crises many times in their life.

Shadyantra Yoga

If Lagnesh is sitting in eigth house and there is no auspicious planet with him then Shadyantra Yoga is created. The man and woman who have this yoga in their horoscope are the victims of a conspiracy of their close. Due to this he may have to suffer loss of wealth property and honor etc.To calm this defect one should worship Lord Shiva and Shiva family every Monday. One should keep reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Kuj Yoga

If mars in any horoscope is in the lagna fourth seventh eighth or twelfth house then Kuj Yoga is formed. It is also called manglik Dosh.marital life of a woman or man who has Kuja dosha in their horoscope is annoying, so it is necessary to mix the horoscope of the future bride and groom. marriage should be done only if there is a manglik defect in the horoscope of both.If this yoga is revealed after marriage, then offer regular water in Peepal and Vatavriksha. Do chanting or worship of Mars. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Kemdrum Yoga

If there is no planet in the next and previous houses of the moon in any horoscope or in the horoscope when the moon is in the second or twelfth house and there is no inauspicious planet in the front and backward phases of the moon then Kemdrum Yoga would be created .Due to this yoga the person struggles with problems of lack of money disease crisis severe difficulty in marital life etc throughout his life. To cure this yoga worship Ganesha and mahalakshmi every Friday with a red rose flower. Offer sugar candy. Donate items related to Chandra.

Angarak Yoga

If Mars or Rahu or Ketu in a horoscope establishes a relationship with a place or point of view then Angarak Yoga is created.Due to this yoga the persons nature becomes aggressive violent and negative and such a person never has good relations with his brotherfriends and other relatives. He does not handle any of his work peacefully.To remediate this worship Hanumanji daily. On Tuesday add jaggery to red cow and wheat or granule to birds daily. Place a Angarak Yoga nivaran yantra.

Vish Yoga

Vish Yoga is formed by looking at the combination of Saturn and Chandra or on the moon of Saturn. This Yoga is formed even if Saturn in Cancer is in Pushya Nakshatra and Moon is in Shravana Nakshatra in Capricorn or moon and Saturn are in opposite positions and both are looking at each other from their respective positions. If Rahu is present on the eigth and Saturn is in Aries Cancer Leo Scorpio ascendant then this yoga is formed.With this yoga the person has to face the same difficulties of many kinds of poisons throughout his life. Vish Yoga yoga also afflicts the mother.To cure this yoga worship Hanumanji, and Worship Shiva on monday or chant the mahamrityunjaya mantra.

Rahu Ketu and Saturn deteriorates continues………………..

Follow just these steps as per our best Vedic astrologer in Delhi now and get rid of the bad effects of the yogas today.

In the horoscope, yoga is formed by the combination of two or more planets vision motion etc. The Yogas of the planets have been considered the basis of astrology. A famous astrologer in Delhi suggests that Due to inauspicious yoga a person has to suffer a lifetime of grief. Let us know what are the inauspicious yogas and what are their remedies as per the leading astrology services in Delhi

Follow just these steps as per our best vedic astrologer in delhi now and get rid of the bad effects of the yogas today.