If there is a basement in the house, there will be 7 issues

The good and bad of the basement depends on whether it is in some direction and place. Secondly, how and for what purpose it is. The third thing is what is around him. Let’s see from the perspective of the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR:

1. It is not considered good if there is a basement in a house of the south, Agni kone. If the basement is built in these directions, then it should be used for heavy luggage storage or garage.

2. According to Lal Kitab, the houses which have a basement have been called the house of Saturn. If there is kikar, mango, or palm tree around the house then it will be further confirmed that it is the house of Saturn.

3. It is said that teasing or breaking the basement makes a difference. If there is a basement, then make this basement according to Vastu or leave it as it is. Never make light for it. That is to say, do any work by asking the expert of a red book.

Basement in the house continues…………………

4. The cellar is a symbol of darkness and it is said that it consumes the maximum positive energy of the house.

5. The basement or basement always gives rise to fears and apprehensions. This leads to the development of negativity in the mind and life goes into conflict.

6. The basement is often inhabited by special creatures and animals. They make their bill anywhere in the basement.

7. The basement should never be made of stove shape as it is inauspicious. This makes the life of the occupants in the house painful.

Other instructions:

1. Generally avoid building sealers and basements in the building, which are below the road level. If it is necessary to build a basement, then some things should be kept in mind while making a basement or basement. Keep the basement somewhat above the road level. The basement covering the entire plot is appropriate.

2. If you want to build a basement in one part of the basement, then make it only in the north, north-east, and eastern direction. The entrance to the basement should be in the north-eastern direction.

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