If you are going to wear a gemstone, then first read this

Many people are fond of wearing gems. Some so-called astrologers are also responsible for their hobbies, which have a very close relationship with gemstone sellers. I have seen when I advise someone not to wear gems, some of them are surprised and some are disappointed. Generally, astrologers recommend wearing the gemstone, the gemstone of Lagnesh, and the gemstone of Guru-Venus for marriage. But we are the genuine Vedic astrologer in Delhi and

will suggest you with some factual remedies, read below for more details.

Currently, a new fashion has started in the form of a locket that contains the gemstones of Lagnesh,

Panchamesh, and Navamsa. According to me, it is unfair to do so. Special care must be taken in the wearing of gems. Before wearing any gemstone, the position in the horoscope of its planetary planet and its relationship with

other planets should be thoroughly examined, even if they are of the gemstone of Lagnesh or Rashipati.

Going to wear a gemstone ……………………

It is also necessary to see what kind of yoga is being created in the horoscope of the planet you are holding or

which planet is the owner of the established zodiac. If there is a situation of holding multiple gems in the

horoscope, then it is very important to take full care of forbidden gems too.

According to the Panchadha Maitri Chakra, Grahamaitri has an important role in the wearing of gems. It is a gross misconception that gems are always worn for the peace of the planet. The reality is contrary to this, the gemstone is always worn to increase the strength of the auspicious planet. For the peace of the evil planet, the gemstones of that planet are donated.

Some gems are worn for a short period of time after planetary peace, which is decided after a thorough examination

of the horoscope. Therefore, be very careful before wearing gems. One should wear a gemstone only after a

thorough examination of the horoscope with a learned astrologer, otherwise, there may be loss in place of profit.

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