Importance Of Marriage In Modern Times

marriage in modern times

Marriage has been an important and sacred part of the tradition in Indian society. Rather, say that marriage is not considered to be of one birth but a sacred bond of seven births. Marriage is not a relationship of living together with a young man and a young woman, but it has also been establishing a valuable relationship between two families. But in today’s fast paced life, this relationship is becoming very weak. If we look at the figures, then the number of its breakdown has remained somewhat less than the countries of the West. It can also be said that in today’s modern times the importance of marriage is decreasing day by day.
If this topic is discussed seriously, then it is becoming such a problem which will become a big reason for the destruction of society and families in the coming times. What is happening today is that in this modern century, young men and women are not getting ready for marriage easily and most of them are getting divorce cases standing in court soon. Where many things have changed in the fast changing times, there have also been some changes in the form of social status. For example, till some time ago, boys and girls used to be satisfied by marrying according to the wishes of their parents and setting up a household, but today it is rarely seen. Talking about this changing era, with freedom, girls not only got their wings, but also got the sky to spread those wings. In such a situation, there was a change in the statement of getting married and settling down. Being socially established no longer means getting married and having children, but a good job, business or economic prosperity.
If we look at the same subject in the case of boys, then most of the boys are also trying to avoid it, giving priority to relationships like live in relationship. Day by day the increasing false and true cases of dowry, bending the law more in one side and letting the other side suffer its dangerous loss is also a major reason for the decline in the practice of marriage. It is not that the institution of marriage has become hollow and society needs to shun it. No, but this deficiency which is happening today needs to be rectified. Today, when a young man is discussed about marriage, he expresses a negative sentiment, that is, he will try to avoid this sacred institution by calling it a slavery life.
There is a lot of difference between the marriages held 10 years ago from today and the marriages that took place in the last two to three years, for example, marriages done with the consent of parents and families in ten years, in which boys and girls, two families, as many as hundreds with relatives- Thousands of families were involved, all in a way became a witness to it. In such a situation, whenever some problem arose in this relationship, the whole family and society used to try to save it. But love marriages or marriages made by being attracted to each other at some point of time are breaking down soon.
The fear of social prestige which always helped in saving the relationship is vanishing completely today. If we talk about the present time, then if there is a boy in front or if a girl falls in love with someone, then they break the relationship after getting married. See many such relationships in the past, the reason for the divorce of a girl was only that the boy slapped her on the face after marriage. The girl did not tolerate this and filed for divorce.
Another boy got divorced from his wife only because she used to chat with her friends on social media Facebook etc till late night. That is, the perception of today’s people has become like a narrow-minded, because what is love to them? What is marriage? And what is its purity? It is still unknown about them. The difference between earlier times and today’s times is that the earlier people considered marriage as a sacred relationship and used to walk together in every happiness, sorrow, ups and downs and take their relationship to one destination. But in today’s marriage, if even a little bit hindered each other or could not fulfill each other’s needs, then this relationship could not last long, and there is a situation of divorce. That’s why marriage has been made fun of by the young generation nowadays, the feeling and the relationship is now completely over.