Is your birthday in September?

If you are born in the month of September of any year, then Astrology says that you are very generous of heart but a strange kind of craze is found in you. You are so in love with yourself that if someone says something against you even a little, then you get angry. Read more from the famous astrologer in Delhi.

You have more ability to learn and understand than others. Someone should learn from you how to move continuously. You also become a bit selfish about your own progress. Even your most important friend never gets to know what khichdi is cooking inside you. Suddenly you surprise everyone by bringing some achievement.

You are the king of anger but always remain in the same misconception that there will be no other humble like you. Dictatorship engulfs your spirit. If you want others to work, then you should also learn to look back like a leech. You have huge expectations from people close to you. Even in expressing love, your ego dominates. You are full of energy.

Is your birthday in September?

So sure of the tune that you can work for your work 24 hours by staying hungry and thirsty, but the bad habit is that you want people to praise this habit always. You are so hungry for praise that you need someone to sing praises all the time. Often the smoothies take advantage of your weakness. You keep yourself up-to-date all the time. That is why everything you do is up-to-the-mark. When you give something to someone, you also recover it.

You also have to do a lot of struggle in life. Especially if you are in the best position in terms of career, then maybe you are lazy in the matter of love, or if love is full with you, then the wedding will not be on your plate It means to say that you can always feel an emptiness in any one area of ​​life.

Is your birthday in September?

Girls of the month of September, God save them from them. These girls, who consider themselves supremely knowledgeable, are often deprived of true love. There are masters in this place. There is no doubt that they have a unique talent. There is also a special quality. But due to pride, she is not able to appreciate that quality.

If there is an affair going on somewhere, then you will forget all your work but will keep track of the next pie. They are also proud of their love. Their identity is bitter, bitter, and sweet. They are advised that true friends are like real pearls and learn to save them. Meaning friends will take advantage of you for a few days, but it is possible that one day they may fall completely alone.

Lucky Number: 7, 9, 3

Lucky Color: Black, Sea Green, Golden

Lucky Day: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucky Stone: Emerald and Pearl

Tip: Feed the birds, raise the fish in the house.

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