Janmadin-Pujan: Long Life Rituals For Birthday

Janmadin Pujan

Janmadin pooja for long life 

According to the fasting festival, the birthday is celebrated as Manav Parv. On this day, by worshiping God, donating lamps, other types of donations, etc., pray for a long life for the child. The rituals for the birthday are described under astrology.

On the auspicious occasion of birthday, long life rituals are performed. So surely by this worship, one will get the instrument of good health, happy life and long life, wearing it will protect against unforeseen calamities in the coming life.

Every person should light eleven flour lamps on his birthday and keep it in front of Lord Ganesha and pray for good health, happiness and good intellect.

Benefits of Janmadin pooja:-

You wear the yantra obtained from this ritual around your neck or on your arm. Which protects you from accidental accident.

There is success in every field.

Everyone loves you because of the effect of the yantra.

The mind remains happy and sorcery does not work.

Effect of ritual:-
With this ritual, your whole year is protected from all the above diseases and all your work keeps going smoothly.

Information received by you :-
Name of the person whose birthday is, father/husband's name, gotra and place.