Know about the great Jyotishacharya Varahamihira

Varahamihira is the first Acharya who explicitly explained astrology as Siddhanta, Samhita, and Hora. He composed different texts related to the three wings to represent the three wings. Siddhanta (arithmetic) His famous work is in the wing – Panchasiddhantika, Brihatsamhita in SamhitaSakandha, and Brihajatakata in Horaaskandha are mainly enumerated. Know more about this great personality from the top ten astrologers in Delhi.

They are said to exist in verse 427. He was a resident of Ujjain, hence he is also called Avantikacharya. His father was Adityadas, from whom he received complete astrology. Just as the planets have the position of the sun, so is the place of Varahamihira in the divinities. He is Suryaswaroop. His style of design is full of conciseness, simplicity, clarity, esotericism, and erudition. He has composed 13 texts.

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His major book is the most mature and authoritative book in Phalit Shastra. There are many important commentaries on this such as Bhattottapali. Acharya Varahamihira gave great brilliance to this science by his talent. These are called martands of Indian astrology. Although by the time of Acharya (in Narada Samhita etc.), astrology was divided into Samhita, Hora, and Siddhanta – these three parts, however, Acharya arranged them further and gave them scientific form.

The specialty of his treatise called Panchasiddhantika, associated with the principle wing of astrology, is that by not giving any theory in it, he compiled the principles (opinions) – of the five earlier Acharyas (Pitamah, Vashistha, Romash, Paulish and Surya). Has done important work. His Brihat Samhita is the most mature and accepted text of the wing. It has 106 chapters. Bhattotpal’s commentary on this is very famous.

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The result of astrology is the destruction of the divine to the Brajjatakas. It has 28 chapters. It has an authentic description of all aspects of astrology as a result of the dream itself. In this, a new condition has been given, instead of considering the prevailing mercury-depleting condition. The destruction of this book is of great importance.

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