Aligning Stars: Matrimonial Astrologers In Delhi Unraveling The Secrets Of Marriage

Aligning Stars: Matrimonial Astrologers in Delhi Unraveling the Secrets of Marriage

If you're seeking a marriage astrologer near you, look no further than Vedic Astrologer Kapoor. Welcome to this comprehensive guide on marriage astrology and the role of astrologers in helping individuals navigate their marital lives. Here, we will delve into various aspects of marriage astrology, exploring the influence of planets on marriage, identifying happy planets for married life, understanding the significance of the seventh house, and examining factors contributing to love marriage, relationship issues, and separation. With extensive experience and expertise, Vedic Astrologer Kapoor is dedicated to helping individuals find solutions to their marital concerns.

Which Planet Causes Problems in Marriage?

Marriage is a sacred bond that requires harmony and compatibility between partners. However, certain planetary alignments can pose challenges in married life. One such planet is Saturn. Known as the taskmaster planet, Saturn's influence can introduce obstacles and delays in marriage. Its placement in the seventh house of the birth chart can indicate delays in finding a suitable life partner or difficulties in maintaining a harmonious relationship.

Which Planets are Happy for Married Life?

While some planets may cause hurdles, others bring happiness and harmony to married life. Let's explore the planets that contribute positively to marital bliss:

1. Venus: Known as the planet of love and romance, Venus signifies the pleasures and joys of married life. Its favorable placement in the birth chart fosters love, understanding, and compatibility between partners.

2. Jupiter: Often referred to as the planet of expansion and wisdom, Jupiter promotes marital harmony and prosperity. Its benevolent influence brings luck, good fortune, and spiritual growth to married individuals.

3. Moon: The Moon represents emotions, sensitivity, and nurturing qualities. When it aligns favorably in the birth chart, it contributes to emotional bonding, care, and understanding between partners.

Which Planet Shows No Marriage?

The absence of a planet in the seventh house of the birth chart does not necessarily indicate a lack of marriage. However, the seventh house and its planetary alignment play a crucial role in determining the nature of relationships and partnerships. An empty seventh house may suggest that marriage may not be the primary focus in one's life, or it may indicate unconventional relationships or commitments outside the institution of marriage.

Which Planet is Responsible for Husband and Wife Separation?

Separation or discord between husband and wife can be attributed to various factors, including planetary influences. The planet primarily associated with separation is Mars. Mars symbolizes aggression, conflicts, and the desire for independence. Its unfavorable placement or affliction in the birth chart can indicate disputes, quarrels, and potential separation between partners. Other malefic planets such as Saturn and Rahu (North Node) can also contribute to marital disharmony if poorly placed or afflicted.

Which Planet is Responsible for Love Marriage?

Love marriages, where individuals choose their life partners based on mutual affection and understanding, are gaining prominence in modern society. The planet most commonly associated with love marriage is Venus. Venus represents love, romance, and attraction. Its strong presence in the birth chart, especially in conjunction with the fifth and seventh houses, indicates a higher likelihood of love marriages.

No Planet in the 7th House Marriage

When there are no planets in the seventh house of the birth chart, it does not necessarily imply a lack of marriage or relationship. Other factors and planetary alignments must be considered to assess the potential for marriage and relationship dynamics accurately. The presence of supportive planets in other relevant houses can compensate for the absence of planets in the seventh house.

Which Planet is Responsible for Relationships?

While various planets influence relationships, the planet most closely associated with relationships is Venus. Venus governs love, beauty, and harmony. Its favorable placement in the birth chart enhances the prospects of healthy and fulfilling relationships. However, it's important to consider the overall planetary dynamics and the influence of other factors to assess relationship prospects accurately.

Sudden Marriage in Astrology

Sometimes, individuals may experience a sudden turn of events leading to marriage. In astrology, certain planetary alignments can indicate the likelihood of unexpected or rapid marriages. One such configuration involves the influence of Mars and Rahu (North Node). Their conjunction or significant influence on the seventh house can trigger sudden or impulsive marriages. However, it's essential to analyze the birth chart comprehensively to gain a deeper understanding of the potential implications.

Which Planet is Responsible for Love Failure?

Love failures or unsuccessful romantic relationships can be attributed to various factors, including planetary influences. One planet often associated with love failures is Saturn. Its challenging aspects or unfavorable placement in the birth chart can signify delays, obstacles, or separations in romantic relationships. Other malefic planets such as Mars and Rahu can also contribute to love failures if afflicted or poorly placed.

Which Planet is Responsible for Second Marriage?

In astrology, the likelihood of a second marriage is influenced by multiple factors. However, the primary planet associated with second marriages is Venus. Its influence signifies the possibility of finding love and companionship again after the dissolution of the first marriage. Additionally, the placement and aspects of other planets, particularly those related to partnerships and the seventh house, contribute to the prospects of a second marriage.


Marriage astrology offers a profound understanding of the factors influencing marriage, relationships, and marital harmony. By considering the influence of planets such as Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter, individuals can gain valuable insights into their marital prospects. Understanding the significance of the seventh house, the role of various planets, and the potential for love marriages, separations, and second marriages allows individuals to make informed decisions about their marital lives. When seeking guidance, trust the expertise of Vedic Astrologer Kapoor, a renowned marriage astrologer near you. Remember, astrology provides valuable insights, but personal choices and efforts are instrumental in shaping a successful and fulfilling marital journey.


Q: Can astrology accurately predict marriage and relationship outcomes?

Astrology provides insights into the potential influences and dynamics of marriage and relationships. While it offers valuable guidance, individual choices and actions also play significant roles in shaping outcomes.

Q: How can I find a reliable marriage astrologer near me?

To find a trustworthy marriage astrologer near you, consider seeking recommendations from friends, family, or trusted online platforms. Vedic Astrologer Kapoor is an experienced and reputable astrologer specializing in marriage astrology.

Q: What should I expect during a consultation with a marriage astrologer?

During a consultation, a marriage astrologer will analyze your birth chart, assess planetary influences, and provide insights into your marriage prospects. They may also suggest remedies and solutions to address specific challenges.

Q: Can astrology help improve marital harmony and resolve conflicts?

Yes, astrology offers tools and remedies to enhance marital harmony and resolve conflicts. By understanding planetary influences and making conscious efforts, individuals can work towards a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Q: Are love marriages more successful than arranged marriages according to astrology?

Astrology does not categorically determine the success of a marriage based on whether it is love or arranged. The compatibility of the individuals, their willingness to work together, and other factors significantly impact the success of a marriage.

Q: Can astrology predict the timing of marriage?

Astrology provides insights into potential timings for marriage based on planetary positions and transits. However, individual free will, cultural factors, and personal choices can influence the actual timing of marriage.

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