Mooltrikona Rashi

Mooltrikona Rashi:-Today let’s talk about Mool Trikon Rashi, so first of all we should understand which planets

have Mool Trikon Rashi of Sun, Leo of Moon, Cancer of Moon, Aries of Mars, Virgo of Mercury,

Libra of Venus, Sagittarius of Jupiter, and Saturn’s Aquarius is a Mool Trikon Rashi, 

So first of all it should be understood that all the planets give their main results in the Mool Trikon Rashi as if

someone has a Cancer ascendant, then there will be the Dasha of Jupiter, then we will say that the Dasha of

Jupiter will give good results. 

Will not do simple benefits, what is the reason, this is the reason that if the Guru will give the main result of the

original triangle zodiac, then it will be in the 6th house, now Aries will take the ascendant Mars, the amount of

Mars is in the one ascendant and the other is in the eighth house. 

Mooltrikona Rashi continues………..

Still, if there is Mars in the eighth house in Aries ascendant, it gives good results, what is the reason that Aries is

the main zodiac sign in the Ascendant which it falls in, now take Scorpio ascendant, Mars is not so good in

that ascendant. 

It is that the original triangle is a zodiac sign, if it falls in the ascendant, then the condition of Mars is not good but it

is normal, now take Libra ascendant and in Libra ascendant, the sign of Saturn is in 4-5 houses. 

If Shani is strong, then you will say that this person will have a lot of happiness through children, now if

Saturn is powerless, then we will say that he will have to suffer a lot from the children in life, the reason is that Saturn

is afflicted, then his original triangle zodiac sign If it is in the 5th house, then it will be the factor of children,

in this way we should understand this and from this it comes to the conclusion that in the 2 houses in which 2

zodiac signs of the same planet reside, then those two zodiac signs work together!

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