Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi On Cruelty

Most famous astrologer in Delhi on cruelty

As per the most famous astrologer in Delhi in a mood of anger, it is a different thing if a normal attack or attack is made, but an overstretched or merciless attack is a sign of a criminal, a cruel worker, a murderer. Many people have some lines in their palms, which makes them ferocious killers.
How many families have to suffer grief from a murder committed by them. Some are professional killers and some kill with vengeance. Some, being merciless, commit such murders that cause heartache.
The nature of the murderer can be easily tested by looking at the palm of the murderer based on community classical goals. These target marks are mainly found in the hands of such people-
  • If the thumb is thick, small, muddy, or all-around mug dumpling and small size, then such people are violent.
  • The movement of the hand, ie from the shoulders to the fingers, is stiff, even if it is thin or thick but the hardness is naturally obvious. Such hands are strong, cruel. Being free from thumb defects, they are not able to become killers, blacksmiths, carpenters, carpenters are similar in shape to the hands, they are not able to be violent workers due to the thumb being normal, but the handshake makes them cruel Definitely makes it. As a result, they fight with iron and wood throughout their life.
  • The existence of a double Venus line in the palm is indicative of the violent nature of the person.
  • If the area near Mars’s lifeline and Venus mountain is strong and there is a sign of multiplication then such a person is cruel.
  • Thick, thigh-shaped, tight-toed, thumbs with hands in hand, the entire claw is as hard as wood, double Venus line, that person must be a ruthless killer.
  • The confluence of three lines on the upper mountain area near the root of the thumb makes the person a definite criminal, a violent killer, a cruel worker. Those three lines
  • Heartline, headline, lifeline, cooperation is very dangerous and does not leave opportunities for killing in the life of a person, the arrival of the heart line on Mars and the meeting of the lifeline, headline make that person unkind. It gives you- If the Venus rises or the Mars line crosses Venus, then such a person passes away by killing.
If the lifeline and headline touch the Mars line then such a person can become violent. The above statements must also be matched with the behavior of the person as he or she physically presents themselves because there are many factors that can help a person for example spirituality, yoga, mediation, and many more.
Even if we find such symptoms and the person tries to get a positive life even with the above symptoms the person can have a normal-looking life but we must remember that this is possible only with karma and willpower. A famous astrologer in south Delhi can give you a professional opinion because it is not right to directly judge a person.
Mars is a cruel planet, know some special things related to it by most famous astrologer in Delhi

According to Indian astrology, Mars is a cruel planet among the nine planets of the solar system. Mars is a straight and true moving planet, it is a male planet and its color is red and it is the lord of the south direction. This planet of Pitta Prakriti is dominated by the fire element.
Its effect is on the navel of the body. It is the lord of the qualities of patience, courage, and valor, the factor of brother and the controller of blood power. It also represents immoral love and is also a scholar of police, army, scribes, and surgical personnel.
This planet can’t stay medium
The main feature of this planet is that this planet cannot remain medium. Its inauspiciousness and auspiciousness are of a high order. In fact, Mars is neither cruel nor mild, but Mars being good or not bad depends on the nature of the horoscope. Let us know how the auspicious and inauspicious yogas formed by Mars in the horoscope affect our life.
Mars and Bhavan Yoga
If the ascendant is situated in the fourth house and the fourth house is situated in the ascendant and Mars is strong then Bhavan Yoga is formed. This yoga is formed if the fourth house is situated in the Kendra or triangle house in conjunction with any benefic planets and Mars is a friendly planet in the exalted zodiac sign.
For such a person, the building built by his hard work is good. If Moon and Venus are situated in the fourth house or if any exalted zodiac planet is situated in the fourth house and Mars is strong, then such a person is the only owner of big bungalows or palaces.
Such a person owns the garden outside the building, the reservoir in the building, and the beautiful artistically made buildings. If Chaturtesh is situated in Kendra or Trikona and Mars is very strong then Bhavan Yoga becomes strong.
If Sukhesh is situated in the Kendra or Trikona house with the tenth lord and Mars is self-occupied and exalted,
then the person has a good class building. If both the lord of the fourth house and the ascendant lord are situated in the fourth house, then such a person gets a sudden building.
Napusanka yoga by most famous astrologer in Delhi

If Mars is in an odd sign and Sun is in an even sign and is aspected by each other, then Napusanka Yoga occurs. If the Moon is even and Mercury is situated in an odd sign and Mars is aspected on both, then it is a neuter yoga.
If the Moon is with Saturn and Mars is situated in the fourth or tenth house, even then the person is not able to satisfy the woman in sexual intercourse.
If Mars, Sun, or Saturn are seen in full view of the Moon of Libra, then it is a neuter yoga. If Saturn is placed with Mars as the sixth house of Gemini or Virgo, then the person is impotent, but if this yoga is present in the horoscope of the woman, then the woman is not impotent.
Mars and Death Equivalent Yoga
If Sun and Mars are situated in the fourth house, Saturn is situated in the tenth house, then death can occur due to the appendix. If Saturn is in the second house, the Moon is in the fourth house and Mars is in the tenth house, then the person suffers any wound or injury.
This wound spreads like a canker and gives death to the person. If the Moon is placed in the tenth house, the Sun in the seventh house, and Mars in the fourth house, then death occurs in an impure place. If Sun is situated in the tenth house and Mars is situated in the fourth house, then the person dies due to a vehicle or weapon.
Different forms of childlessness
If Mars is situated in the eighth house, Saturn is situated in the eighth house, and Sun is situated in the fifth house, then the lineage of such a person does not increase. If Mars conjoined with Ascendant is situated in the eighth house and the fifth lord is situated in the sixth house of the malefic planet, then there is a sum of childlessness.
If Saturn and Mars are situated in the sixth or fourth house in a woman’s horoscope, then such a woman is not capable of conceiving.
Sarpa Yoga If the ascendant is in conjunction with Rahu and the fifth lord is in conjunction with Mars, and the karaka Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu, then the snake curse results in the loss of children.
If in the horoscope of Mars, the fifth lord is Mercury in conjunction with Mars and there is Rahu in the ascendant, then there is a loss of children due to the curse of snake. If Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Mercury are situated in the fifth house, and if the fifth lord and ascendant are weak, then there is loss of children due to the curse of the snake. [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]