Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi Shadow Planet

Most famous astrologer in Delhi shadow planet

Rahu is given the title of elephant as per Lal Kitab and the most famous astrologer in Delhi. According to each sentiment or food of the horoscope, Rahu’s auspicious and inauspicious effects are explained in the Lal Kitab and its remedies are explained. Here is brief and general information about Rahu’s position and caution in every sense.
Know Specialty: Elephant.
(1). First House: It will be rich but the cost will be much. Here the intellect of the person will support him only if he is not very imaginative. Mercury’s condition from 1 to 6 will be considered as Rahu. The condition of Ketu will be similar from 7 to 12.
Caution: If Rahu is inauspicious from the planet, then work wisely and avoid speaking in vain. Keep good relations with in-laws.
(2). Second House: Mahavat’s elephant. One who follows the orders of the Guru. That is, Jupiter will be the fruit of Rahu. Changes in life will go on, but they will be healthy.
Caution: Make good the condition of the Guru. Rahu will be considered auspicious if the nails are strong, yet do take measures.
(3). Third House: master of the power of foreboding. Gun guard To be vigilant Eclipse is a waste of wealth Mighty fruitless [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]

Caution: Do not lend to anyone. Avoid deception and deceit. Do not display excess freshness. If Sun or Mercury is also together then stay away from sister. Measure the eclipse. Stay away from useless tantra-mantra or mystical things.
(4). Fourth House: will be righteous and spend a lot in good works. Even then, there will be a concern for wealth.
Precaution: Make a house in the house, build an underground water tank, work on the roof of the house, collect sacks, and avoid the work of insulting the mother.
(5). Fifth House: Here Rahu is said to be the father of children, but there will be family happiness and wealth.
Caution: Renounce anger. Install Venus stuff in the house. Take food in the kitchen itself. Keep all body parts, clothes, and home clean.
(6). Sixth House: helpful elephant. Rahu is auspicious, will support you in times of trouble.
Caution: If stolen anywhere at home or outside, Rahu will leave its auspicious effect. Have good relations with brothers. Be interested in religious works.
(7). Seventh House: There will be wealth but no guarantee of household happiness. Remedy it
Caution: Do not keep the dog at all. Avoid defamatory actions. Do not even think of having a relationship with a foreign woman.
(8). Eighth House: Bitter smoke means to lock one’s mind. If loyal, good family relations will benefit.
Caution: Avoid bad deeds. Do not do the work of changing or improving the roof of the house. Do not stay in a south-facing house. If there is a furnace burning around the house, do not stay there either. Take the remedy of Rahu sitting here.
(9). Ninth House: This is called crazy. Consistent with the fakir or sage and keep the focus of crazy, then there will be wasteful expenditure on them.
Caution: Do not dispute with people older than you. Do not put a furnace in the house. Do not drain dirty water from below the threshold. Stay in a joint family. Do not disturb relations with in-laws. Be honest
(10). Tenth House: a gem placed on a snake’s funnel. Wealthy and combative.
Caution: Do not keep tight or skimpy. Take care of your mother. Measure Mars and Moon.
(11). Eleventh House: One born in a wealthy household. Wealth decreases with the age of such a person. Father rebel. Spendthrift
Caution: Be careful. Make Jupiter auspicious. Do not work in the light of Saturn. Keep good relations with their father. Stop fidgeting.
(12). Twelfth House: ‘Gappabaaz or Sheikhchilli’. Just like Mercury’s effect, Rahu’s effect. If Mars is forming together then it will be auspicious. The in-laws will be in good condition.
Caution: Avoid wasteful expenditure. Do not quarrel with anyone. Do not think of theft or embezzlement. Do not be jealous. Eat food in the kitchen. Do not lie. Avoid bad company.
Why are people scared of me? Know when Rahu causes harm [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
Rahu has a big name in astrology. According to astrology, Rahu is considered a bad and inauspicious planet. Due to Rahu being an inauspicious house in the horoscope, many problems have to be faced.
The conjunction of Rahu and Ketu forms Kaal Sarp Yog. Let us know whenever Rahu and its conjunction with other planets are formed, then it has a wide impact.
1. Rahu and Moon
When the conjunction of Rahu and Moon is formed, then due to that yoga, the person starts having mental problems. The person whose horoscope is affected by this combination has its effect.
2. Rahu and Sun
When Rahu and Sun are formed in the horoscope, then the effect of this yoga remains negative. Due to the combination of Sun and Rahu, disputes arise between father and son. It is a religious belief that Rahu transits the Sun during a solar eclipse.
3. Rahu and Mars
According to astrology, whenever there is a conjunction of Rahu and Mars, then Angarak Yoga is formed. Due to the formation of this yoga, the problems related to blood increase in the affected person. This yoga remains inauspicious for the brother.
4. Rahu and Mercury
Whenever there is a conjunction of Rahu and Mercury, then the person starts getting diseases related to the head.
5. Rahu and Jupiter
Rahu Guru conjunction does not always give inauspicious effects. It also opens the eyes to the truth of the world. Whenever the conjunction of Rahu and Guru is formed, then such a person has a long life. But from time to time small problems remain in life.
6. Rahu and Venus
Whenever Rahu is formed with the planet Venus, then the auspicious effect of Venus ends because of Rahu. In conjunction with the planet Venus, a person becomes a victim of wrong association.
7. Rahu and Saturn
When the conjunction of Rahu and Saturn is formed, then the person becomes very mysterious. In the person whose horoscope is formed by Rahu and Saturn, then such a person starts earning money in the wrong way.
8. Signs of bad Rahu
Due to the bad Rahu in the horoscope, discord starts in the person’s family. Suddenly the number of enemies starts increasing. Financial loss ensues. The things kept in the house start getting spoiled.
Malefic effects of Rahu [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
When Rahu has an inauspicious effect on someone’s horoscope, then the person has to suffer humiliation. The inauspicious effect of Rahu leads to failure. The person becomes addicted to drugs. People in whose horoscope Rahu is predominant play an active role in politics. There is a steady decline in morality.