Most Famous Astrologer In Delhi Veda Is Astrology

most famous astrologer in delhi veda is astrology

The most famous astrologer in Delhi agrees that where science ends, is where the Vedas start. Astrology not only leads people to superstition but also makes people aware. Astrology is the science of time, in it, date, war, constellation, yoga, and karma are studied. These five things and information about future events are given.

It does not believe in any caste or religion. The Vedas have six parts, with the sixth part being astrology. [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]
Based on what we have done in past lives and what we are doing in the present,

What can be the future results?

Everything is governed by the planets. This also makes seasons. When the sun went away from the earth, cold weather came and the heat increased when it got closer. Surya sits in the form of a soul, in the family, it occupies the position of the father. Similarly, the Moon rests on the mind, it has the status of the mother in the family. Therefore, the person who has received the blessings of the mother and father, considers that he has received the blessings of the sun and the moon.

Mars is the energy of the body, if there is enough energy in the body, then your activity will be seen, a person who does not have jealousy in his mind, his Mercury is strong, he is blessed with Mercury.[ most famous astrologer in Delhi] Similarly, Venus is present in the family as a wife and as sperm in the body.

 The person whose nervous system is weak, the nerves are weak, there is the pain of spin, consider Saturn Dev’s wrath on him. You can consult an astrologer to find out what your Venus says and how it will impact your life.

Sage Dayanand Saraswati cited idol worship and astrology as the main reason for the decline of Aryan Hindus. has accepted. According to him both these thoughts and beliefs in them Being non-Vedic, humans do not get any benefit from them, but only harm. it occurs.

The proof of this was in the Muslim invasions of India and British rule. Somnath with the defeat of our kings, Krishna’s birthplace, Ram’s birth Land, destruction and loot of Kashi Vishwanath temple, etc. can be considered.

If our religion did not have these alien ideas and beliefs, we would have the humiliation and defeat that have been suffered in 1300 years would never have happened. If this thing is said in one sentence, then the cause of all our sorrows Vedmat was to be abandoned and non-Vedic beliefs and beliefs consisting of ignorance and superstitions were to be accepted.

If we all still Sanatan righteous Vedic righteous people renouncing the beliefs of the Puranas and accepting the divine knowledge of the Vedas and its beliefs. If we get united, then no power in the world can defeat us. Perhaps that is why Rishi Dayanand wrote the Vedas. [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]

On the basis of beliefs, the fourth rule of Arya Samaj has been made, in which he has said that the acceptance of truth and falsehood have been made. One should always be ready to give up. The third rule is that reading the Vedas And listening and listening is the ultimate religion of all Aryans, Hindus and all other religions as well.

A major rule is that Ignorance should be destroyed and knowledge should be increased. We understand that if all the followers of Sanatan Dharma have If we had assimilated these great messages of Dayanand, today our position in the world would have been much stronger and the country’s mistakes made by some of our leaders in the freedom movement and after that would not have happened.As a result, astrology connects the positions and movements of the planets of our solar system with our luck and happiness and sorrow.

Instead of considering successes and failures as the result of effort and laziness considers them according to planetary yoga. Arya Samaj Society believes that the knowledge of astronomy is true, but the resulting astrology and its principles are false. Human Our Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn etc. have no relation with the fate of our planet. Recognition of Arya Samaj According to this, all these planets are inert and knowledgeless. This planet is devoid of any kind of knowledge or sensation. we wish for something Happiness and sorrow can be attained only when they are conscious matter i.e. human or animal etc. We are happy with knowledge And the power that causes sorrow must also have wisdom and power. Being inanimate and non-living, there is no knowledge on any planet. Neither has the power to give us happiness and sorrow. All the people of the world are equally benefited and harmed by sunlight and heat.

All The behaviour of the Sun towards individuals cannot be different. In the same way, Saturn and other planets are also known and believed. can go. Arya Samaj considers the Vedas to be divine knowledge and also proves it. If the resulting knowledge of astrology was true, it would have been mentioned in the Vedas.

Due to not being mentioned in the Vedas, The knowledge of astrology proves contrary to the Vedas. Knowledge of astrology results in ignorance even after considering truth and falsehood It is proved. We have found the predictions of many astrologers to be fruitless and untrue on the basis of astrology.

Many people who get the birth-matri, in their marriage, have many types of untoward incidents, such as the horrific before the marriage of the bridegroom. Accidents, in some cases the death of one, and on the day of marriage, due to storms and storms, etc., many types of obstacles or family There are things like the death of a member etc. Therefore, there are benefits only in not following astrology. Christians, Muslims in the world, Sikhs and Leftists etc. and people of some other sects do not believe in any belief of astrology and Such people are seen as happy and prosperous in life.

As a result of this, astrology is a baseless false belief and ignorance. is proved. Educated brothers should not fall into the trap of astrological results and should not fall in love with God and their destiny. You have to believe in the effort. It has also been said that purushartha is strengthened by destiny. Destiny should also be changed with effort could. Therefore, one should give importance to earning knowledge, and self-study of Vedas along with effort. It is not likely that fruitful astrology existed in the Vedic period. Resulted in Ramayana and Mahabharata texts there is no reference to astrology.

The coronation of Ramchandra ji was decided with the consent of sages like Vasistha etc. King Dasharatha did it. This determination could not be done due to Kaikeyi asking for a boon from King Dasharatha. If The decision of the coronation was made on the basis of result astrology, even then it proved to be wrong and if without result astrology .

This also proves that the non-Vedic acts like astrology that resulted in the Ramayana period did not exist. In the presence of Vedic sages, no superstition like astrology could flourish.In the descriptions of many incidents of Mahabharata, sage Ved Vyas did not describe the resultant astrology. Hence, astrology Started in the later period of the Mahabharata period.

Whoever started it with the knowledge of Vedas and the true knowledge of God seems to be devoid of yoga-meditation-spiritual knowledge. Sage Dayanand gave birth letter in the second session of Satyarth Prakash Criticizing it as a dead letter. What he has described is alive and touching.

Demolition of Somnath Temple, Astrology was the main contributor to the loot and its downfall. If the superstition of idol worship and the result of astrology Had it not been for unnecessary trust, this incident which humiliated the country and the Arya-Hindu caste would never have happened. sage According to Dayanand ji, intelligent and prudent human beings should not get their children’s birth cards made and neither One should ask the fruitful astrologer only the fate of his children, otherwise he will face many false delusions and mental disorders.

Since becoming Aryasamaji, we have never believed in astrology in our life and there has been no loss from this, but the benefits have been many.

According to the intellectual capacity and environment of the children, they Received education and all the children are healthy and strong. All the Aryans follow the ideology and idol worship and result Completely free from superstitions like astrology.

The dasha of Shani never came to any of the children, nor did any other planet outraged. Today’s era is the age of science. When we do any work, we take a decision after considering all its aspects. Decision Wisdom is the main contributor in taking. We have the knowledge of Vedas by the grace of Rishi Dayanand ji.

this world of ours It has been created to bestow the fruits of the actions of the previous births of living beings. According to ‘Avashyameva hi bhoktavyam kritam karma shubhashubham’ The soul has to bear the fruits of every action he has done. We get happiness and sorrow according to our destiny. Huh. This system is according to Vedas and according to logic and logic. As a result, the law of astrology is not present in the Vedas, it is discarded.

Europe and other countries in the world have achieved more material progress than India. [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ] There India like astrology and idol worship No one believes. If he believed, he too would have been in an ignorant and underdeveloped country like India.

Our sages taught all subjects But knowledgeable compositions have been given. There is no text in world literature like 6 Darshanas and 11 Upanishads. result of astrology There is no mention of them anywhere. Only the proof of Vedanukul is there and it is accepted only. result from astrology There is no gain to man, but the loss is loss.

Rishi Dayanand, a scholar of the Vedas, also considered the result of astrology. and has been declared inadmissible to the nation. We should follow the orders and teachings of the sages. That’s why our Aryan Hindu caste will benefit. [ most famous astrologer in Delhi ]