By pacifying the Navagrahas, many problems of life can be overcome.

 The special importance of Navagraha worship is mentioned in the Puranas. For the worship of Navagraha, the planets are first established by calling them. Form of the idol: For the peace of Navagraha, it is most important to have the idol of that planet. According to the Bhavishya Purana, according to the nature of the planets, idols should be made and worshiped.

The effect of Navagrahas on the life of a person can be seen in its entirety. By the peace of these Navagrahas can be helpful in removing many problems of life. Many facts have been told about the Navagrahas, in which the importance of mantras is reflected. There are many theories prevailing in astrology regarding this. Nav Graha Source is an important mantra chanting on the basis of this, through which peace of all the planets can be done. Peace of these planets can be done by doing mantra and charity in Navagraha source. This Navagraha source is also of great importance for the peace of these Navagrahas located in the horoscope.

Sometimes, despite everything being right, if our planetary constellations are running poorly, then nothing good happens. According to the auspicious and inauspicious deeds, the planets also have an effect on the life of a person. To remove the effects of inauspicious planets and make auspicious planets favorable, chanting of mantras, prayers and related Namokar mantras and Tirthankars have been told. Wearing clothes, garland, tilak and gems of the same color of the planet, which is chanted in the nine planets, gives quick benefits. Before starting the chant, the following mantra-saga must be read seven times.

While reciting mantras, they invoke the planets. Incense, incense sticks, camphor, saffron, sandalwood, rice, turmeric, clothes, water urn, Panch Ratna, lamp, cloves, quince, grains and durva etc. are kept in the worship. For the worship of these Navagrahas, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Shani, Rahu and Ketu, one should first form the Navagraha Mandala which consists of nine brackets. In these brackets, the new planets are placed according to the direction, the Sun in the middle bracket, the Moon in the igneous angle, Mars in the south, Mercury in the north, Jupiter in the north, Venus in the east, Shani in the west, Rahu in the south and in the adult. Ketu planet should be established. After installation and invocation, Shodashopachar worship of the Navagrahas should be done. According to the planets, things should be offered to them like wheat, jaggery etc. should be used to get the compatibility of the Sun, by using them the Sun God is pleased.

Moon is the factor of mind and mother, so it is best to use and donate sugar, milk and milk products and white things for the happiness and peace of the moon. Apart from this, the perfume or fragrance of jasmine is considered very favorable for the peace of the moon.

Jaggery, lentils, pomegranate, barley and honey should be used and donated for the worship and peace of Mars. Perfume and oil made from red sandalwood are very auspicious to please Mars.

Cardamom, green things like champa, peas, jowar, moong should be used for the worship and peace of the planet Mercury. The use of Champa's perfume and oil is useful for the auspiciousness of Mercury.

For the worship and peace of Jupiter planet, gram, gram flour, maize, banana, turmeric, yellow clothes and fruits should be used. The aroma of yellow flowers, the aroma of saffron and kewra also increases the auspicious fruits of Jupiter.

It is best to use sugar, Kamalgatta, sugar candy, radish and silver for the planet Venus. The fragrance of white flowers, sandalwood and camphor is also considered very inauspicious.

Black sesame, urad, black pepper, groundnut oil, cloves and iron should be used for the worship and peace of the planet Saturn, the aroma of musk or fennel should be offered to Shani Dev.

Use of urad, sesame and mustard seeds is beneficial for the worship of Rahu and Ketu. Auspicious fruits are obtained from the aroma of musk.

There are many mantras described in our religious texts, whose chanting brings peace to any planet. There is also a mantra through which all the planets can be worshiped together. This mantra is suitable for the worship of nine planets. If this mantra is chanted daily, then the bad effect of all the planets ends and auspicious results are obtained.