Online Astrologer Near Me Disease Remedies

online astrologer near me disease remedies

Know the astrological remedies of the Tulsi plant by online astrologer near me

Tulsi plant is considered very sacred in the Hindu religion. There are two main varieties of Tulsi. One with green leaves and the other with purple leaves, which is called Krishna Tulsi. Basil leaves have antibiotic properties, putting their leaves in water purifies the water. Tulsi is also called Vishnu Priya. Tulsi is a mine of medicinal properties.
Let us know what are the other benefits of Tulsi as per an online astrologer near me.
Removal of defects in home entry- If there is an effect of Vastu Dosh in your house, then plant a Tulsi plant in the courtyard, keep an urn filled with water in the north direction. By taking these measures, the effect of Vastu Dosha gets reduced.
Eyesight – Children, old, young, anyone who has eyesight, then take five basil seeds and mix five black peppers in it and clean them by hand and close them in the fist and chant Aum 21 times to remove these leaves and black pepper. Feed the patient and keep moving his hands on the soles for two minutes, the effect of eye defect ends.
For all accomplishment and success – On the day of Pushya Nakshatra on Sunday, after worshiping Tulsi’s root obtained in the past with Ganges water and incense-lamp and bind it in the right hand, then the hope of success in all works increases and the officers become happy. .
If for attraction
If you want people to be impressed by you and pay attention to your words, then on Saturday, take some basil seeds and grind them, then mix this powder well in the juice of Sahadoi and after chanting Kamadeva’s mantra a thousand times, apply this paste. By applying it regularly in the form of the tilak, your personality starts improving.
There will be happiness, peace, and prosperity in the house from all sides.
For positive energy- If there is a Tulsi plant planted on both sides of the door in your house, then believe that there will be no negative energy entering your building, and happiness, peace, and prosperity will remain in the house from all sides.
For business growth – If there is no progress in business, then weeds growing around Shyama Tulsi are tied in a yellow cloth and kept in the business place on Thursday, progress starts.
People who are suffering from heart disease….
Semen-related diseases- If any man is suffering from semen-related diseases, then grinding the root of Tulsi by keeping it in water and eating it strengthens the semen and increases the potency.
Heart disease- Those who are suffering from heart disease, should eat clean and clean five basil leaves in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing this regularly reduces cholesterol.
hysteria by online astrologer near me
When a person is suffering from phantasmagoria and he is shouting loudly, then put Tulsi leaves in water and do seven rounds and sprinkle water. In the end, by giving Tulsi leaves, the ghost-obstacle part gets removed and the person becomes healthy.
There is a Tulsi plant in the house, so keep these things in mind
Let us know what should be kept in mind while planting the Tulsi plant at home.
Vaastu Shaastra as per online astrologer near me
According to Vastu Shastra, the Tulsi plant should be planted in the middle of the house, but in today’s homes, the middle of the house is not open, so it is most auspicious to plant Tulsi plant in the north-eastern part of the house. .
If there is a marriageable girl in the house and due to some reason her marriage is not being decided, then Tulsi should be planted in the south-eastern part of the house. And that girl should serve this Tulsi plant for two consecutive months. This will remove all the Vastu defects obstructing marriage and will soon enter a happy household life.
Kubera’s abode is considered in the northeast direction, so if you have financial constraints, then applying Tulsi in this direction strengthens your financial condition.
There are some rules in the scriptures…
Tulsi plant should be planted near the kitchen for the prevention of family problems and happy life.
Some rules have been made in the scriptures for breaking basil leaves. According to him, Tulsi should not be broken during Ekadashi, Sunday, and solar or lunar eclipse.
It is necessary to take a bath before plucking Tulsi leaves. Tulsi should not be touched without taking bath.
Freshwater should be offered to the Tulsi plant daily and a lamp should be placed near it in the evening. This leads to the attainment of Lakshmi.
Tulsi plant absorbs negative energy and positive energy flows. There is no evil shadow in the house where there is a Tulsi plant.
Do not keep dried basil plants in the house.
If the Tulsi plant has dried up due to any reason, then it should be put in a holy river, pond, or well. Do not keep dried basil plants in the house.
There should be an odd number of Tulsi plants in the house. Like 1, 3, 5, or 7.
No other plant should be planted in the pot in which the Tulsi plant is planted.
Tulsi leaves should not be used in the worship of Shiva and Ganesha.
Tulsi is also a miraculous medicine.
In Ayurveda, Tulsi is recognized as a miraculous medicine. It is a medicine for many diseases, so many people consume basil leaves. But keep in mind that there is also a rule to eat basil leaves. By consuming at least two basil leaves daily, the body’s immunity remains strong. Diseases like mosquito-borne diseases, cold, cold, cough do not come. Tulsi leaves should not be chewed as they contain mercury, which damages the teeth. Therefore, Tulsi leaves should be swallowed.