Online Astrology Analysis On Ketu In Ascendant

Online astrology analysis on Ketu in Ascendant

Online astrology analysis on Ketu in Ascendant:- Ketu is considered to be the door of salvation and liberation. Ketu shows the way to eliminate the effect of destiny. Ketu contributes significantly to spiritual progress. Ascendant Ketu makes the native both patient and greedy.

Such people are always harassed by fear and worry from wicked persons. Due to the sight of auspicious planets, the ascendant Ketu gives royal happiness and splendor.

Ketu in Ascendant – 2

Ketu in the sign of Saturn gives wealth and happiness of children to the native. Ascendant Ketu gives deceit in the nature of the person. Such a person is a great man and ostentatious to show off, but in reality, his tendency is of mischievous and irreligious nature.

Ascendant Ketu makes the person travel-loving. Due to lack of family happiness, he always remains worried. Ketu in the Ascendant also makes the native a little paranoid. Even if there is a minor disease, the person starts taking medicines for some terrible disease regularly.

Due to Ketu being in the Ascendant, the person often suffers from delirium, bile, and gout. There is also a possibility of eye and face diseases.

Ketu in Ascendant – 3

Trouble and worries from life partner and children and also from relatives, but Ketu in the sign of Saturn gives wealth and happiness of children to the native. Ascendant Ketu people are disappointed, frustrated, and unhappy with the life of the native.

Personality is very normal and often does not speak the truth. Ketu posited in the Ascendant disconnects from the life partner and is deprived of a permanent job.

Ketu in Ascendant – 4

Cheating conspiracy is part of the life of the natives of Ascendant Ketu.

Saturn’s Ketu gives wealth, splendor, property, and son’s happiness to the native.