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These customs and beliefs have not only religious but also scientific side, which fits perfectly even in the present time. In Hinduism, every religious act i.e. worship, sacrifice, Kalava/Mauli (a special religious thread)


is tied on the right hand of the host by the Brahmin before the Havan etc.


When starting any auspicious work or buying a new item, we tie Kalava/Mauli to it so that it


brings auspiciousness in our life. Kalva/Mauli is made from raw cotton thread. It is of red color, yellow color, or two colors, or five colors. It is tied around the hand, neck, and waist.


The moon is seated on the head of Lord Shankar, that is why he is also called Chandramouli. The practice of tying Kalava / Mauli has been going on since the time when Lord Vamana tied the


protection thread on his wrist for the immortality of the demon king Bali. It is found through this verse.


Yen badho baliraja danavendro mahabala:.Ten tvamanubadhnami rakshe machal machal.


Astrologer in Andrews Ganj delhi:-


At the time of worship, a red thread is tied on our wrist. It is called Rakshasutra, Kaleva, or Mauli. It is believed that after tying this thread, the worship rituals are completed. This belief has not only religious but also scientific side.


In every puja, yagya, havan, the worshipers tie Mauli (a religious thread) on our wrists. In this regard, the scriptures believe that by tying Mauli, one gets the blessings of the three gods –


Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and the three goddesses – Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati.


By the grace of Brahma, fame is gained by the grace of Vishnu, and by the grace of Shiva,


evils end. Similarly, wealth is obtained by the grace of Lakshmi, power from Durga and wisdom by the grace of Saraswati.


From the point of view of science, good health is obtained by tying Molly. When this thread is tied, it creates a slight pressure on the wrist. With this pressure the tridoshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha are controlled.


The practice of tying Raksha Sutra has been going on since then, for the immortality of the


demon king Bali, Lord Vamana tied the Raksha Sutra on his wrist.


The literal meaning of Kalava/Mauli is the top, which also means the head.


The major control of body structure is in the wrist of the hand, so by tying Kalava/Mauli here,


the person remains healthy. It is also believed that tying it does not increase any disease. Old Vaidyas and elderly people of the family used to use Kalava / Molly in the hands, waist,


neck and toe, which was beneficial for the body.


Blood pressure To prevent diseases like heart attack, diabetes and paralysis,


it is said to be beneficial to tie Kalava / Mouli. Kalava / Mouli should be 100 percent raw yarn (yarn). You must have seen many people with steel belts in their hands.


It is said that tying this belt benefits the blood pressure patient. Kalawa/Molly is more beneficial than steel belt.
Kalawa / Mouli should be tied in the hand by rotating it five to seven times. It should be put in the root of the tree.