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Astrologer in ashiyana Lucknow on Moon is the factor of mind. It has an effect on every pastoral organism. The human body itself has the highest amount of water in all living beings. This water is also affected by the Moon. Moon has an inauspicious effect on everyone. Especially if the Moon is inauspicious in the horoscope, then there is an effect on the mind.

But man is the only animal that can take measures to escape. One can understand the good and inauspicious effects and can remove the inauspicious effects. Mental disturbance, dryness of milk of milch animal, excessive thirst, feeling of lack of water again and again even when there is no summer season.

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A condition like burning sensation in the body is due to weak moon.

Where is the moon sitting in the horoscope, with which planets and with which zodiac sign? All these things have an effect on the person. Some special facts related to Moon are presented.

By paying attention to these, the inauspicious position of the Moon can be rectified and its auspiciousness can also be increased. Kemadruma yoga is said to be a poverty-stricken yoga.

When there is no conjunction with the Moon or in the second and twelfth place from it and no planet is situated in the tenth house from the Moon or when the Moon is not seen by any auspicious planet, then the poor “Kemdrum Yoga” is formed.

The shadow planet Rahu Ketu is not counted in the context of Kemdrum Yoga. This is a very inauspicious yoga. A person born in this yoga, even if he is the beloved son of Indra, eventually becomes poor and begs for alms. “Kantannapangrahavastrasuhyadvihino, daridrayadughahkhagaddaunyamlairupetah.

Meaning by Astrologer in ashiyana Lucknow

If there is Kemdrum Yoga, then a man becomes unhappy, sick, and poor, devoid of women, food, house, clothes, and brothers, even if he was born in the house of a king. A person born in Kemdrum Yoga suffers from poverty and misery, financially he is poor. May remain troubled for livelihood-related work.

There is a state of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction in the mind. One can always depend on others.

May suffer from lack in family happiness and children, such a person has a long life. Regarding this yoga, it has been said in a text called Jataka Parijat that if there is Kemdrum Yoga in a horoscope at the time of birth and if there are hundreds of Raja Yogas in its horoscope, then they also fail.

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That is, Kemdrum Yoga

eliminates the effect of hundreds of other Raja Yogas in the same way as a lion in the forest eliminates the effect of elephants. It has been said about “Kemdrum” yoga that- “Kemdrume bhavati putra kalatra heino deshantre brajati dukhsamabhipatah.

Knowing Pramod nirto Mukharo kuchalo neechah bhavati sada bhitiyutaschirayu ” That is, the one who has Kemdrum Yoga in his horoscope, he wanders here and there, inferior to Kalatra, suffering from sorrow, poor intelligence and unhappy, wearing dirty clothes, low and young age.

It is said in the Vedas that “Chandra Manso Jatashkshko Suryo Ajayat”

Moon has a close relationship with the mind, the lord of Cancer zodiac, Moon is the causative planet of mental peace. When aspected by inauspicious planets, Moon gives rise to negative thoughts.

There is such a belief about Kemdrum Yoga that this yoga gives life of struggle and deprivation.

That is why many scholars of astrology call it an indicator of bad luck. But this concept is not completely true. The natives of the Kundli with Kemdrum Yoga get fame and prestige along with success in the field.

In fact, most scholars throw more light on its negative side only. If we discuss its positive side in detail, then we will find that Kemdrum Yoga is dissolved and converted into Raja Yoga due to the presence of some special yogas, therefore, when looking at the horoscope of a person, when Kemdrum Yoga is present, pay attention to the yogas that disturb it.

It is necessary to give, only then should the statement be made. Kemdrum yoga is considered to be dissolved when there is moon or any planet in the center from the ascendant in the horoscope, the inauspicious results of Kemdrum yoga also ends when the yoga is disturbed.

Moon is in benefic place

Some other conditions being created in the horoscope also disturb this yoga, such as Moon is visible from all the planets or Moon is in benefic place or Moon is in benefic planets or Full Moon is in Ascendant or Moon is exalted in tenth house or If the Moon is completely strong in the center or Sunfa, Anafa or Durudhara Yoga is being formed in the horoscope, then Kemdrum Yoga is dissolved.

Even if there is a planet in the center from the Moon, this inauspicious yoga gets dissolved and the person becomes free from the effects of this yoga. According to some other scriptures- If similar planetary position is being formed in the Kendra and Navamsha in front and behind the Moon, even then this yoga is considered to be broken.

Even if there is Kemdrum Yoga, when the Moon is in the sign of a benefic planet, then the yoga is dissolved. Venus, Jupiter & Mercury are planets of auspicious nature. In this way, a person becomes full of children and wealth and he gets happiness in life.

The following are the major yogas that break Kemdrum Yoga:-

1. There should be complete vision of Mercury or Jupiter on the Moon or the position or vision of Mercury or Jupiter in the Ascendant.

2. There is a relation of change of house between Moon and Jupiter.

3. Moon is aspected.

4. The lord of the Moon-dominated zodiac should be situated in the Ascendant.

5. The lord of the Moon-dominated zodiac should be visible from the Guru.

6. The lord of the Moon-dominated zodiac is making a relation of change of house with the Moon.

7. Moon-Navamesh, Saptmesh, Panchmesh, or Lagnesh in Aspect or conjunction

8. At least any two of the Lagnesh, Panchmesh, Saptmesh, and Navmesh are forming a conjunction or vision relationship.

9. Ascendant position should be auspicious and aspected by Mercury or Jupiter.

10. Moon is in a good position by being self-reliant or exalted in the center.

On Monday, on the full moon day or on Monday from the time of Chitra Nakshatra,

keep a full moon fast for four consecutive years. On Monday, go to Lord Shiva’s temple and offer raw milk of cow on Shivling and worship. Worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati as per Astrologer in ashiyana Lucknow.

According to Astrologer in ashiyana Lucknow chant the Shivapanchakshari mantra “Om Namah Shivay” with Rudraksha rosary, doing this will reduce the inauspicious results of Kemdrum Yoga. Recite Shrisukta regularly by installing a Dakshinavarti conch in the house.

Fill the water in the Dakshinvarti conch shell and bathe the idol of Goddess Lakshmi with that water and wear a pearl in a silver Shriyantra according to the position of the moon in the birth chart, keep it with you or wear it always.