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Astrologer in Indira Nagar Lucknow:-Learn! How Navagrahas affect a person’s health

* Navagrahas have great importance in a person’s life. If the position of the nine planets in the horoscope of a person

is bad, then he has to face many problems. On the other hand, Navagraha also adversely affects the health of the person. We are telling you here about the Navagrahas and the diseases caused to a person by their effects.

If the position of the Sun in a person’s zodiac is not correct,

then it is believed that the Sun’s bad

Dasha is going on in his horoscope.

If Sun is malefic, it can cause problems related to career, money, and health (heart problems, blood pressure,

blood circulation)[ Astrologer in Indira Nagar Lucknow ].

Moon: –

Moon is the owner of your chest, eyes, blood, water, generative system, water. If the moon is not good, then urinary problems, dropsy, colitis, bronchitis, varicose and abdominal diseases can occur.


Mars controls the muscular system of the human body. If the position of Mars is very bad in a person’s birth chart,

it can cause blood clots, brain fever, lung problems, typhoid, and blood-related problems.


While Mercury controls the tongue, pulse, breath, cells, and nervous system of man,

it also keeps the air under its control. Weakness of this planet can cause diseases related to nose, stammering problem, bronchitis, asthma, paralysis, nervous disorder, etc.


Jupiter is the owner of Thai, meat, fat, kidney, liver, and arterial system. If badly affected in one’s horoscope, it can cause serious diseases like arthritis, diabetes,

piles, tumours, blood cancer, and liver malfunction.


Venus controls the skin, face, eyes, generative system, semen, and digestive system. If the planet Venus is defective in the birth chart, a person may suffer from diseases related to eyes, skin,

venereal problems, indigestion, loss of appetite, even impotence.


Shani is the owner of feet, knees, brain, acids, bone marrow, secretory system, ribs, hair, nails. It gets added to the horoscope of the person from birth itself. If Saturn is malefic, it can also give problems like Arthritis,

Rheumatism, Arthritis, Bone TB, Asthma, Cold, Fungus in the nails, hair fall, and Impotence.

Rahu and Ketu:-

Rahu and Ketu are meant to give problems to human beings, to destroy them, to

harm them in some way or the other. But this also has a lot of special importance, the result is seen according to the horoscope.