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Do you know that even water brings peace to the Navagrahas as per astrologers in r k puram metro station :-

The entire creation and the human beings living in it are made up of the five elements water, fire, earth, sky and air. Therefore, the effect of these five elements also affects the Navagrahas. But do you know that one of these five elements, water has an important role to pacify the Navagrahas. Yes, if any one of the nine planets is giving pain to a person, then the problems related to it start coming in the life of the person.
For example, if there is a lack of honor, respect, fame, fame in the life of a person. Or he is having any diseases related to eyes and skin. Or if he is not getting the support of his father, then the reason for all these troubles can be the bad Sun in his birth chart. To pacify the Sun, by drinking water kept in a metal vessel related to it, the Sun will be pacified and the problems related to it will also end.
Let us know that in the pain related to which planet, water kept in which metal should be drunk.
Water in a copper vessel by astrologers in r k puram metro station:-
If problems related to Sun or Mars are coming in your life, then it is possible that either of these two planets are bad in your horoscope. In such a situation, you should keep water filled in a copper vessel and always consume the same.
By drinking water kept in a copper vessel, the planets Mars and Sun are favorable and auspicious effects related to them start getting. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel gives glow to the skin, keeps hair good and gets rid of stomach related diseases.
Water in a silver vessel
Scientists have also proved that silver is considered to increase immunity. If there is a problem related to Moon and Venus in your life, then in such a situation water kept in a silver vessel should be drunk. If the Moon is bad in your horoscope, then there are diseases related to mind and brain. Mental instability persists. The mind remains distracted.
I don’t feel like doing any work. And if Venus is bad then there is lack of material comforts in life. In such a situation, drinking water kept in a silver vessel every day gets rid of all these problems. Many types of diseases also end.
Water kept in a golden vessel
Along with Atharvaveda, one of our four Vedas, the importance of gold has been told in Ayurveda as well. There has been talk of consuming Swarna Bhasma in the treatment of many diseases. If Jupiter is bad in the birth chart, then there is a lack of happiness in the life of the person. He neither gets promotion in business nor does he get success in job.
There is bitterness in married life also. Respect, position is not received. If Mercury is bad then the intellectual ability of the person gets affected. If the water kept in a golden vessel is drunk daily, then the planets Mercury and Jupiter are pacified and the effect of their auspiciousness is visible in the life of a person.
Water in a bronze vessel
By drinking water kept in a bronze vessel, one gets freedom from the sufferings of the planets Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. But keep in mind, water should not be kept in a bronze vessel for a long time. At the time when you want to drink water, take water in a bronze glass and drink it.