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Gains from Ram Katha

The myth of Lord Shri Ram, who is the personification of righteousness, bestows honor and dignity on everyone in society. He is a divine consciousness. How may families be maintained as a unit? How should friendship work? It is a holy story that guides Swami-Sevak and other religious practices.

The 17th of Lord Vishnu's 24 incarnations, God Ram, is the subject of the Shri Ram Katha.

The life of Shri Ram is reflected in the divine epics, such as the Ramayana written by Maharishi Shri Valmikiji and the Shri Ramcharitmanas collected by Goswami Shri Tulsidas. Lord Shri Ram's human qualities are highlighted in the Valmiki Ramayana, while his human traits and deeds are described in the Shree Ramcharitmanas.

The story of Shri Ram Katha is thought to have been the first, spoken to Parvati by Lord Shiva, heard by Shri Kagabhushundi in the form of a crow, and then told to several people, including Lord Narayana's chariot, Garuda.

He told his followers the story of Shri Ram Katha and started to spread the word about Ram Katha. As a result, Shri Ram Katha's promotion started to get more attention.

What do we learn from the Shrirama katha?

The most important message of Shri Ram Katha is that virtue can triumph over evil if it is united. Sri Ram Katha teaches us how to navigate any situation so that we can have a wonderful life.

Shri Ramcharitmanas contains seven khands: Balakand, AyodhyaKand, Aranyakand, Kishandhakand, Sunderkand, Lanka, and Uttarkand, in that order.

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