Rahu In 12th House In Astrology Admin

Rahu in 12th house in astrology Admin

Rahu in 12th house in astrology || Twelfth house fruit of rahu:-If there is Rahu in the first house of the person, then he is always sick, speaking in vain and doing lowly deeds. But at the same time, he is also an adventurer and family follower.

A person who has Rahu in the 2nd house is proud, consumes bad things, always unhappy, and lives in contact with a lowly person.

If there is Rahu in the third house, then the person should be full of wealth, happiness of wife, son, friend, etc. If Rahu is exalted, then the person gets the pleasure of servant and ride.

A person who has Rahu in the fourth house, such a person is wealthless, living apart from brothers, is a companion of poor and lowly people.

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Rahu in 12th house in astrology – 2

If there is Rahu in the fifth, then it causes stomach disorder, cruel mentality, and son-pain.

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Rahu in the sixth house is considered very expansive. Son’s happiness, wealth, and enemy are destroyed. Rahu is specially praised in the sixth position because it makes man victorious and removes all kinds of evils. If there is Rahu of Gemini at this place, it removes the troubles and listens to other women.

Rahu in the seventh, then there is a decrease in the happiness of the woman and the happiness of the husband, there is also a loss of wealth. If such a person works in partnership, then he will suffer loss.

Rahu in the eighth house is considered inauspicious.

Rahu: Sava chashtam mandirstho roganvitam paparatam pragalbham.

Chowram krisham kapurush dhanadhyam mayamatitam purush karoti.

That is, such a person is sick or does blasphemous deeds or is illusory or deceitful.

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In the ninth house, Rahu does devotion to Durga, but there is an obstacle in the growth of fortune for forty-two years. Such a person is of violent nature and also a Pishun.

Rahu rises a lot in the tenth but does it sometimes in the happiness of the father.

Rahu in the eleventh house is very beneficial. Such persons get special money from both the right and wrong routes.

Rahu in expenditure or twelfth house has bad results. Makes a lot of unnecessary travel and also causes physical distress and material loss.