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Saturn third eye

Saturn third eye:-The most dangerous is the third sight of Saturn

The aspect of planets is very important in Vedic astrology. Each planet sees the planet present in the seventh house from itself in the horoscope with complete vision. That is, in whichever house a planet is sitting, it shows its full

effect on the planet present in the seventh house from itself, but out of these planets Mars fourth and eighth,

Jupiter planets fifth and ninth and Saturn also sees the third and tenth house i.e. These three planets have three aspects each.

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Sight of Saturn [ Saturn third eye ]

Right now we talk only about the sight of Saturn. Out of the three aspects 3,7,10 of Shani, the third aspect is considered to be the most powerful and dangerous. In whichever house is Saturn’s third sight in a person’s

horoscope, the person has to struggle and work hard to get the results related to that house. Such a person has

to work hard till the age of 32 to get the results related to the house with a third vision. After the age of 32, the struggle is definitely less, but the hard work still has to be done tremendously.

Seventh house astrology

Effects of Saturn’s Third Vision

(1) If Saturn is sitting in the first house in a horoscope, then its vision is on the third, seventh, and

tenth house. The third house belongs to brothers and sisters and relatives. The seventh house is for married life and the tenth house is for livelihood. That is, the person has to struggle a lot to get the auspicious results related to these three.

(2) Saturn’s vision of the first house is most powerful in the third house. That is, the person does not get the happiness of brothers and sisters and the happiness of family members.

(3) If the lord of the house on which the third aspect of Saturn falls, if the lord of that house is debilitated in

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the horoscope, then the person has to work hard throughout his life for the things related to that house.

(4) If the third sight of Saturn is falling on the second house,

then the person has to run day and night to get wealth.

What are the remedies for third vision?

(1) It is known to all that the third sight of Shani makes life very struggling, but there will be some way to avoid it or get relief from it. Yes, in Vedic astrology, some remedies have been given to avoid the sight of Shani. This reduces problems.

(2) Regular service of Shani Dev, service to the poor, service to the beggars, serving the cowherds gives some relief from the third vision of Shani.

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(3) Never insult, despise the guests who come home. Do whatever you can for them according to your ability.

(4) On Saturday, by laying a red blanket seat, wearing a red dhoti or Shola, placing an oil lamp in front of the idol of Hanumanji, reciting 21 recitations of Hanuman Chalisa gives relief from the third vision of Shani.

(5) Feeding one and a half kilograms of a soaked gram to a black horse on Saturday give relief from the sight of Shani.

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