Remedies to Please Shani Dev


Shani Puja

The planet Shani represents Lord Shani Dev and is one of the heavenly deities known as Navagraha in Indian astrology. He is also mentioned in the Puranas as a male deity with a deep black (coloured) form in the form of a statue. who comes in the form of a sword or any other weapon and is seated on a crow.

Lord Shani Dev is black in colour and is born from Varna Devta and Lord Surya Dev (Sun God). The story of Shanidev is quite interesting and reveals his incomparable powers and qualities. Hence Shani is said to be the son of Surya and Yama.

In Hindu tradition, Lord Shani Dev is considered to be the authority of punishment. Actually, if we talk about Lord Shani's character being based on karma and truth, if Shani Dev is not pleased with you and you want to please him, then it is very simple and This is the best solution.

Saturday fasting and Saturday worship can be started on any Saturday, to follow this, you have to wake up in the morning and take a bath in Brahma Muhurta, after that worship Shani Dev should be worshipped on Saturday very auspicious. has been considered. It brings away sorrow, discord, tribulation as well as failure. You can get freedom from any kind of Shani Dosha,

Remedies to Please Shani Dev

1. If you really want to please Shani Dev, then soak black gram at night. On Saturday, take black gram, burnt coal and turmeric and a piece of iron and tie it together in a black cloth. After that throw that bundle in the flowing water which contains fish, and repeats this work continuously for one year so that the effect of Saturn is reduced.

2. Make the horseshoe-like ring with a blacksmith, immerse it in raw milk or clean water on Friday, and after that on Saturday, wear that ring and immediately wear it in your hand and then see its results.

3. Shani Dev likes mustard oil very much. To please Shani Dev, one should worship him under a Peepal tree on Saturday and offer oil on it because it is believed that one should worship the Peepal tree before sunrise and the lamp must be lit on this day to avoid Sadesati. One should keep fast, keep in mind that the food should be salt-free so that the outbreak can be avoided.

4. In the evening of Saturday, a lamp of mustard oil should be lit under the Peepal tree, after that seven rounds should be done, after this worship, feed 7 laddus to a black dog, which pleases Lord Shani, and gives good results.

God is said to be the god of justice and action. It is said that he gives the fruits of everyone's actions. No evil deed hides from them. Shani Dev keeps an account of every good and bad deed.
One has to work very hard for the worship of Shani Dev, especially such people who are troubled by the Sadesati of Shani, such people should worship Shani with full legislation.

Today we are telling you some things which should be kept in mind before honouring. needed.

1. On Saturday, offer oil to the idol of Shani Dev on a Peepal tree and then donate that oil to the poor.
2. Offer oil to Shani Dev on Saturday and also keep in mind that oil does not fall here and there. pour oil carefully

Benefits of worshipping Shani Dev

As we know that everyone is equal in the eyes of an ideal magistrate. That is why consider Shani Dev as your friend and not cruel, Lord Shani Dev can reduce his troubles by pleasing his father Suryadev due to the Mahadasha of Shani. Hanuman ji's food had to be made, and the reason for mother Parvati becoming sati is also part of this, along with this her guru also avoided hanging.

How to worship Shani Dev

There is a curse on Lord Shani Dev, whosoever he sees with a straight eye, it is sure to be evil. That is why according to Vastu Shastra, the idol of Shani Dev should never be installed at home even by forgetting.

Worship of Shani Dev should be done usually. Donate blue or black clothes on Saturday. But Shani Maharaj should be especially worshipped on Saturdays.

To worship on Saturday, first of all, take a resolution. First of all, take a bath and wear black clothes. On this day, light a lamp with mustard oil and offer it to Shani Dev, after that black urad or any black Vastu should be offered.

After this chant Shani Gayatri Mantra or Shri Hanuman Chalisa, the only Shani Chalisa in the Puranas is an easy way to please Shani Dev. First, meditate for some time than worship Hanuman ji, then after that offer vermilion and banana to Hanuman ji. Do.

The donation has special importance in the worship of Shani Dev Maharaj, black clothes and food should be donated on Saturdays.

You can break your fast by eating something on Saturday night, such as making khichdi made of sesame mixed with black urad dal or eating any vegetarian food.

A very effective Beej Mantra for worshipping Shani Dev is - 'Om Pram Prem Praunsa: Shanishcharaya Namah' or you can chant this simple mantra - 'Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah'.

If the Maha Dasha of Shani is not going on in your horoscope, still you can worship Shani Dev if you want, an easy way to avoid the cruel pain of Shani Dev is to keep your conduct good.