ganesh puja vidhi

Ganesh Puja vidhee

Ganesh Puja Vidhi with Mantra Welcome to your faith court. Friends! Today we are going to talk about Ganesh Puja, what is the method of Ganesh worship and how to do Ganesh Puja? Here we are going to tell you about two types of Ganesh worship, in which first we will know about Panchopchar method of Ganesh worship and after that we are going to understand Ganesh Shodashopachar worship method.

Through this article of Ganesh Puja Vidhi with Mantra, you can worship Ganesh in your home, office or wherever you want without any help. There is a law to worship Ganesha before performing any deity. Ganesha is the first worshipper, so he is worshiped before all the deities.
Although there are many types of worship method like – Ganesh Panchopchar worship method, Ganesh ten upchar worship method, Ganesh sixteen treatment worship method and Ganesh Manas worship method but today we will learn about only two worship method.

Ganesh Puja Vidhi 

First of all, after retiring from bath, collect all the worship materials at the holy place and sit on a clean seat. After that do Karmapatra Puja (Karmapatra Puja means the initial worship process)after that recite the autobiography
After performing Karmapatra Puja and Swastivachan, do Ganesh Puja.Contact a Pundit for more info.