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Sun and Venus conjunction

Sun and Venus conjunction:-If the Sun understands the conjunction of Venus, then if you do not consider it rich, then you will be poor.

There are many misconceptions in astrology about the conjunction of Sun and Venus and different astrologers have different views. Sun is a symbol of energy, respect and Venus is the owner of enjoyment, luxury, material pleasures. If there is a conjunction of Sun-Venus then both come in opposition to each other.

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Delay in marriage

The conjunction of Sun-Venus leads to delay in marriage because Venus creates and becomes weak due to the heat of the Sun. If you have this yoga in your horoscope, then understand it and everything will be fine by its remedy.

Character defect

When Venus is in conjunction with Sun, this yoga character falls. If he marries before the age of 25, then his character falls further because Rahu also gets spoiled due to this yoga. Do not have sex on the day of such yoga and do not consume jaggery after marriage. This yoga will give everything to the person who will save his character.


The native of this yoga may have physical weakness, lack of sperms, lack of digestive system and urinary problems, kidney problems, sugar problems. Such a person should keep good relations with his in-laws. The Sun gets rectified by balancing Venus.

Money problem

It leads to lack of fame and wealth. However, the person becomes self-made. Such a person should worship Durga Ji. Because it cures Venus, Mercury, Rahu, Jupiter. Now the question is whether the poor people of this yoga remain? It is not so. If such people worship Shri Durga ji daily, then the people of this person get wealth and fame. To get auspicious results from this combination, one has to keep one’s character right.

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