The elephant is auspicious in home decoration, read unique architectural tips for the coming Diwali

Home is the place where we want to breathe freely. A place where sweet sleep arrives in the blink of an eye. Wherever the laughter is heard with the whole family, sometimes a corner becomes a companion of our solitude. When discord and tension become guests in this house, the peace of the entire house is lost. We do not know why this happens? Why do we quarrel with our own family over trivial matters?

Vastu Shastra tells that some faults are left in the construction of the house, unknowingly, it is the result of these faults. Presenting easy Vastu tips from the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR. Give them and your home a cool shade of happiness and peace.

Elephant is auspicious continues……………

Ishan koan i.e. the corner of the north-eastern part of the building is a symbol of purity by being a place of worship, therefore, it should not be kept here with a broom-wipe, a dustbin.

Must sweep the house before breakfast in the morning.

Evening time when both times meet, sweep-wiping should not be done in the house.

Place shoes on the right side of the entrance.

Broken mirrors, broken legs, and any closed machine kept in the house are inauspicious in terms of happiness and prosperity.

Happiness is obtained by placing jewelry, gold-silver items, luxury articles in the room on the right side of the house.

When using the drawing hall as his bedroom, the husband loves the wife and has good relations with friends.

The homeowner who keeps jewelry, money, clothes in the cereal room does the work of lending money or acquires material comforts or big deals.

Elephant is auspicious continues……………

* The auspicious sign should be inscribed on the main entrance of the house. This leads to happiness and prosperity.

* A coarse coconut should be kept in the house of worship.

* Use of elephants, camels as decorative toys are auspicious in home decoration. Elephants in Feng Shui are childlike and auspicious. Couples who are childless can keep a pair of elephants near the bed in the bedroom. By the way, this couple is also a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Camel removes the hindrance of the career.

* It is considered very auspicious to put pictures of brass elephants, pairs of swans, and cranes in the bedrooms where the couple sleeps.

* Do not allow garbage to be collected at the northeast side of the house. If possible, place a decorative piece of elephant terracotta in this corner.

Elephant is auspicious continues……………

* Do not let dust accumulate on the toys of elephants kept in the house. Clean them regularly.

* It is inauspicious to keep weapons at home in the temple. If possible, keep a small silver elephant in the temple of the house. If silver is not possible, you can also keep the soil.

* Do not put photos of any family members in the basement in the house and also do not keep pictures or idols of God and Goddesses there.

* If there is a single photo of three persons in a straight line, do not keep it in the house nor should you ever hang such a photo on the wall.

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