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The incidents at the main entrance of the house can cause untoward incidents, know-how?

This Diwali you can correct the Vastu Dosh to bring prosperity and happiness. Undoing the wring things can bring positivity to your life.

* If your home decorations are not the reason for your problem, read
* Decorating your home can cause problems, know-how?

If you put many accessories in the house, then it also has a disadvantage. How? Know this from the best Vastu experts in Delhi.

1. Religious picture or idol placed on the main gate-

A religious image or idol is placed on the main door of the house. You often put a religious picture or idol on the main door of the house, but still, there is a very serious problem, when we forget it by putting it. This picture starts harming us, incidents of untowardness start to happen, Pitrodosh, Devdosh starts. Sprinkle water on every religious figure or main statue that you have placed in the house, and do tilak. Soya Bhagya will wake up, 22 simple tips of Vastu

Main entrance vastu continues……………

2. If we plant saplings in the house –

Many times we plant a leaf or a plant in the bedroom or in front of the kitchen. It also has side effects. This worsens the position of Mercury and causes mental disturbance. It is better to plant the plant at the main gate and if it is also a flower, it will be better.

3. Putting pictures or violent photographs in the house –

Many houses have some pictures of Gods and Goddesses. They also give negative effects. There should never be a picture of war, sinking sun or ship, deserted place, violent animals, sea. This worsens the position of the Moon and Mars, due to which you get under mental stress and always have negative thinking.

4. Decorate your house with auspiciousness

Toss the mango leaves at the main gate. Do this process every full moon. Tilak of turmeric and kumkum at the door of each house inside the building. There should be flowering plants at the main entrance of the house and water should be kept in the brass or copper urn in the middle of the house or in the drawing-room. Some flower petals should be put in it. This keeps the happiness of the Gods and ends the Vastu defect and keeps the grace of Lakshmi at home.

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