The tenth house of Navagraha

Read the effects of the tenth house of Navagrah from the best astrologer in India:


Sun in Aries, Cancer, Leo, or Sagittarius in the tenth house makes military or police officers while Sun in Scorpio

sign makes medical officer.

Chandra –

If the auspicious Moon is sitting in this house, then the native should trade the items used in daily use, he will gain from it. But if there is a combination of Mars or Saturn, then failure will be found.


Mars of Aries, Leo, Scorpio, or Sagittarius makes the native a physician and surgeon, but if Mars is related to the Sun then the person will act as a goldsmith or blacksmith.


If the Mercury of Virgo or Leo sign is from the Lord through Lagnesh, IIndesh, Panchamesh, Navamesh, or Dashmesh, then the person earns good success in the field of education. He can become a professor or a lecturer. However, with the influence of Mercury, the native can also work related to a bank worker or a bank. But if Mercury is with Venus or in the sign of Venus then the native does business related to film or advertising.


Jupiter is related to the ninth house. But if it is situated in the tenth house then it is considered to below. But when Jupiter is related to Navamsha, then one earns money through religious works. If Jupiter is strong and Rajyogaka, then he makes the native a judge. But if Jupiter is under the influence of Mars then the native becomes a criminal lawyer.


Venus located in the tenth house makes the native a manufacturer or seller of cosmetics, fancy items, etc. If Venus is associated with Madhyamesh, Panchamesh, or Mercury, the native achieves success in the field of singing and playing.


If the powerful Saturn is related to Mars in the tenth house, the person works in an electronic film.

Related to Mercury, then a mechanical engineer is made.

If Saturn is related to the fourth house or fourth house, then the native earns money by trading oil, coal, iron, etc. But if Shani is related to Rahu, then the person is successful in the trade of leather, resin, rubber, etc.


If Rahu is situated in the tenth house through the sign of Gemini, then the native works in the field of politics, army, police, or railways.


If Ketu in the tenth house is in Sagittarius or Pisces, then the native achieves a lot of wealth, wealth and fame by getting success in business, provided that his enemy planet is not with him or he is not visible from enemy planets.

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