Timing Of Wealth Vedic Astrology

Timing of wealth vedic astrology

Timing of wealth vedic astrology:

Choosing the right day, right time i.e. Shubh Muhurta to perform any work gives quick success in that work. From Vedic times till today, there has been a tradition to see the auspicious time before doing any work. The work done in the auspicious time is completed smoothly,

such is the word of the sages and it is also empirical.

In his entire journey of life, the person who has recognized the time, that is,

started working according to the time, that person definitely becomes successful.

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There is no doubt in his success.

Generally the word comes out from the mouth of the people that today was a very good day,

all the work was completed within its scheduled time but why? Because today we left home at the right time and reached the workplace at the right time.

In fact, getting any work done immediately or with little effort, all this knowingly or unknowingly is the

result of auspicious time. This is necessary because we keep tasting pleasure and pain, good and bad, success and failure in our day-to-day

behavior and keep feeling good and bad in our daily routine.

It is a natural thing that the work done in this inauspicious time will either not be completed or will be

delayed or may or may not be done with interruptions. But those having negative thoughts can also say whether there is a guarantee that the work

done in auspicious time will be completed or there will be no interruption in it.

But it is true that choosing an inauspicious time will be better than choosing an auspicious time, because if a

good Muhurta cannot change our fate, then it can make the path of success easier.

Shubh Muhurta may or may not change your future, but if you do the main tasks of life in an auspicious time,

then your life will definitely become enjoyable. Therefore, we must choose the auspicious time.

How is the auspicious time made for Timing of wealth vedic astrology?

According to astrology, the following things are taken care of to determine the auspicious time-

Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, position of the nine planets, Malamas, Adhikmas, Venus and Guru setting, inauspicious yoga, Bhadra, Auspicious Lagna, Shubh Yoga And Rahukal etc.,

auspicious time is taken out of these yogas i.e. Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga.

If Rohini, Mrigashira, Pushya, Anuradha and Shravan Nakshatra are on Monday,

then Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga is formed.The best time is considered to be auspicious – Guru-Pushya Yoga.

If the Moon is in Pushya Nakshatra on Thursday, then it creates a complete Siddhidaak Yoga. When Chaturdashi is on Monday and Purnima or Amavasya is on Tuesday, then there is a Siddhidayak Muhurta.

The work done in this yoga gets completed soon. That is, calculating the auspicious yogas and using them in life at the right time is called

work done on auspicious time. The work done in yogas in inauspicious time is not completely proved.

Auspicious time for admission of children in school-college

It is very important to get the children enrolled in the school for the first time, because

after the arrival of the children in the married life,

all the work is done keeping in mind the future of the child. Parents say that if the child achieves his set goal, then my life becomes successful.

Whenever you get admission in any school, get admission according to the auspicious time /

time fixed for admission / admission, because the admission period determines the auspicious and inauspicious results of the children’s studies.

Note: To do any auspicious work, your moon should be strong on that

day and you should do your work in a stable ascendant.